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At a time when climate change is becoming a dominant threat for the planet and its people, we understand that environmental protection is a one-way street towards securing social prosperity for this generation and the generations to come. To this end, we have decided to take on an active role, with actions that benefit the environment.

In terms of the environment and sustainability, Eurobank pledges to reduce its carbon footprint and promote green economy. We put this commitment into practice through our day-to-day operations, our banking practices and our corporate culture. We apply international certification standards and best practices consistently and we enjoy recognition in Greece and abroad.

Our environmental performance at a glance

Leaders in international certifications

ISO 14001 – International standard for environmental management systems

Eurobank applies an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001 since 2004.

The certified environmental management system we apply reduces our environmental impact and improves our environmental performance. Every year it is reviewed by an independent certification body, TÜV Hellas.

Find out more about ISO 14001.

ISO 50001 – International standard for energy management systems

Eurobank applies an Energy Management System certified to ISO 50001 since 2015. For our certified Energy Management System we have received:

  • Gold Award Green buildings / Built environment, Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2022, for renovating the PIRAEUS PORT PLAZA 3 complex in Piraeus.
  • Silver Award Energy conservation, Environmental Awards 2022, for reducing energy consumption at Eurobank.

Find out more about ISO 50001.

ISO 14064 – International standard for greenhouse gas emissions

Eurobank has verified its greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with ISO 14064-1. TÜV Hellas, an independent certification body, verified the report.

Find out more about ISO 14064.

Policies for the environment and sustainability

Through certified management systems and dedicated policies, we monitor our performance, minimise our carbon footprint and promote green economy:

Our Environmental Report sets out our objectives, the systems and actions we apply for the environment and our sustainability, and our environmental performance.

Previous Environmental Reports:

2021 I 2020 I 2019 I 2018 I 2017 I 2016 I 2015 I 2014 I 2013 I 2012 I 2011 I 2010

Environmental commitments

We set specific targets, undertake initiatives, and design and develop programmes to protect the environment and improve the use of natural resources:

Partnerships and participations for the environment

We are affiliated with and participate in international, European and Greek organisations dedicated to the environment and sustainability:

  • Initiative Priceless Planet Coalition for the restoration of 100 million trees over 5 years.
  • Participation in the share capital of MESOGEOS SA, one of the leaders in environmental protection.
  • Participation in the IBG HF III (CMF) private equity fund, which specialises in renewable energy sources, medium-sized PV installations and wind farms in Greece.

Find out more about our ESG partnerships and initiatives.

EMAS – Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

Eurobank is included in the EMAS register for following Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 on environmental management since 2009.

Sustainable services and initiatives

We have developed a series of green initiatives that offer environmental benefits, introducing solutions that can be obtained online. Our aim is to reduce paperwork and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

The WWF Visa credit card was the first green product issued by a Greek bank. So far, WWF Hellas has received more than €1.6 million through the WWF Visa cards issued by Eurobank for financing environmental protection actions.

Green buildings and hybrid vehicles

We actively invest in the energy efficiency upgrade of our existing real-estate portfolio, to improve our carbon footprint. Our strategy is to position our investment and own-use property portfolio towards high-end, environmentally friendly buildings, which are in high demand by multinationals and Greek corporations.

To this end, we have launched several projects to convert prime assets into energy efficient green buildings, as these help demonstrate our sustainability performance during our operations. Through these green buildings we:

  • Lower running costs.
  • Maximise returns through market value.
  • Attract and retain tenants looking for desirable places to live and work in.
  • Provide our people with healthier workplaces.
  • Create a low emission portfolio, friendly to the environment, and improve the local micro-climate.

Aiming to keep greening our real-estate portfolio, we choose green building certifications because they help us validate the sustainability value of our assets.

Every year, we aim to rate selected assets within our portfolio with the purpose of gradually being certified according to the standards set by international organisations.

In the area of hybrid vehicles, to further minimise our carbon footprint, we have gradually started to:

  • Replace our corporate fleet with plug-in hybrid technology vehicles.
  • Install charging stations at various company buildings and branches in Athens.

Environmental awareness

We raise awareness among our employees on environmental matters and energy saving. We design and launch awareness campaigns, educational programmes and group awareness initiatives as part of the Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility actions.