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The Eurobank Energy Management Policy complies with ISO 50001. We implement it in all the Eurobank branches and offices. We reduce our energy consumption, limit harmful emissions and increase our energy performance.

Certified Energy Management System

The Energy Management System we implement is certified to ISO 50001. Eurobank is the first bank in Greece with a certified energy management system.

We set specific objectives and monitor our energy performance. Each year we include the results in progress reports.

Within 2015 we managed to save:

  • More than 10% in energy per employee.
  • More than 15% in greenhouse gas emissions per employee.

Find out what the Eurobank Energy Management System stipulates, the scientific methodology it implements and the awards we have received for its efficiency.

Our energy aims

The Eurobank Energy Management Policy encompasses our key aims. To achieve them:

  • We buy energy at competitive rates. We use it as efficiently as possible. We try to reduce our energy consumption.
  • We limit our reliance on fossil fuels, which are being depleted. Instead we use alternative and renewable energy sources.
  • We minimise emissions (CO2) and pollutants that are harmful to the environment. We try to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible.
  • We choose suppliers who keep track of the carbon footprint of the goods and services they provide, wherever possible.
  • We invest in energy efficient facilities and projects with short depreciation periods. We design, renovate and equip them based on their carbon footprint.
  • We comply with the legislation in force and the requirements that regulate energy use and energy performance.

Raising employee awareness

We raise awareness among our people on energy issues. We train them so they may then propose energy saving measures and use them in their day-to-day activities.

Find out what happens when we raise the environmental awareness of our people.