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The Eurobank Environmental Policy complies with ISO 14001. It sets out the objectives and specifications for sustainable, environmental and socially responsible corporate development, which leads to high environmental performance. We implement it through our environmental management system and the Eurobank environmental initiatives.

Environmental management system

The Eurobank environmental management system follows the guidelines of the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), as developed by the European Commission. With this system:

  • We manage properly all environmental issues that may arise from the operation of Eurobank.
  • We follow the Eurobank Environmental Policy in all our operations.

To this end we set specific environmental objectives. We undertake environmental initiatives to achieve these. We monitor and measure our environmental performance using specific procedures. We include this information in our Environmental Reports: 2021 | 2020 I 2019 I 2018 I 2017 I 2016 2015 I 2014 I 2013 I 2012 I 2011 I 2010

We received the European Award at the 2011 EMAS Awards for our environmental management.

Saving natural resources

To monitor and improve our environmental performance, we try to use natural resources as efficiently as possible. In our day-to-day operations at Eurobank we save:

Our initiatives comply with the local, national and international environmental laws and provisions.

Eurobank received the National Award at the 2010 EMAS Awards for its resource efficiency.

Climate change

To limit our contribution to the greenhouse effect and climate change, we record and allocate the energy we use during our operation. We calculate our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out how we contribute to climate change mitigation with our Energy and Climate Change Programme.

Environmentally friendly products

We use ecolabel products. We carefully select the suppliers we work with. We try to share the same environmental attitude with them.

Find out what the Eurobank Green Procurement Policy stipulates.

Waste minimisation

To limit our impact on the environment, we minimise the waste we produce and recycle or manage the paper, ink and equipment we no longer use.

Find out the strict specifications of the Eurobank Recycling and Waste Management Programmes.

Risk management

We are aware of the direct environmental effects that stem from our financing and investing activities. To limit them, we have mechanisms in place to identify and manage environmental and social risks.

Ongoing environmental awareness

We try to raise awareness for the environment and sustainability among our employees, as well as our shareholders, our suppliers and our society.

Find out what happens when we raise the environmental awareness of our people.