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We participate in long-term State actions to protect and restore Greece’s natural wealth, hit by climate change and wildfires. Since 2007, we have actively taken part in restoring the wider Ancient Olympia area. We have implemented an integrated restoration programme to support the local communities, especially olive tree farmers, with sustainable reforestation, wildfire prevention projects and volunteer schemes to clean up local forests.

Generous donations to support wildfire-stricken areas and sustainable reforestation

We have actively taken part in restoring the wider Ancient Olympia area since 2007. A powerful global symbol and one of the crown jewels of Greek cultural heritage, this very special region must be protected at all costs.

With Ancient Olympia as the focal point, we implement a bundle of initiatives over 4 pillars; the bundle is part of our €1,000,000 donation announced in August 2021.

Pillar 1: Supporting the local communities

By donating 20,000 olive trees, we play our part in replanting privately-owned olive groves in the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, as part of the Replanting Ancient Olympia initiative.

Launched by the Region of Western Greece, The Arete Fund and non-profit International Relations for Culture, the initiative promotes the donation of more than 180,000 olive trees to local farmers. Honorary President of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Yanos Gramatidis is in charge of the overall planning.

Pillar 2: Replanting in areas designated for reforestation

In partnership with we4all

We have activated a long-term partnership with we4all, a non-profit environmental organisation with extensive experience in restoring wildfire-stricken woodlands.

More than 15,000 trees selected in terms of their suitability will be planted in areas designated for reforestation in the wider Ancient Olympia area and the Regional Unit of Ilia in the context of this partnership.

Planting will be carried out under the guidance of the Authorities and qualified agronomists. The restored areas will receive necessary care for 3 years to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Linking tree planting with investment products

Eurobank’s Markets General Division will also be supporting the we4all environmental action in 2022. This is the first time tree planting is linked to the sale of structured products. By investing assets in these products, our customers get the chance to actively contribute to the tree-planting project, leaving behind an even more positive footprint for forests and the natural environment in Greece.

This action is part of our initiatives towards protecting the environment, as well as our ESG strategy towards sustainable development.

Partnering up with the Priceless Planet Coalition

More tree-planting projects are being launched, even beyond the Regional Unit of Ilia. By joining Mastercard’s global Priceless Planet Coalition initiative, we made a commitment to donate a large number of trees globally, including similarly challenged areas in Greece.

Pillar 3: Organising educational initiatives for educators and students

Working with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and making the most of their 70-year experience in environmental educational programmes, we support the planning and implementation of prevention projects. Our goal is to make communities in the Regional Unit of Ilia more resilient against forest-consuming wildfires.

These actions will be part of the Learning About Forests programme, running for the past 20 years with the approval of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The programme includes:

  • Forest clean-ups by schools and volunteer groups, with an educational focus.
  • Training seminars for primary and secondary education teachers.
  • Actions to inform students and their families on fire prevention benefits and methods, by producing and distributing educational material.

Pillar 4: Supporting voluntary tree planting by our very own people

Eurobank’s TeamUp volunteer group and WeShare charity group join forces in a voluntary reforestation initiative.

Our very own voluntary groups will take part in forest clean-ups and tree-planting campaigns in the wider Ancient Olympia area.

Similar actions will follow to restore wildfire-damaged areas in the Regional Units of Attica and Evoia.

At the same time, we have provided support to the victims of the destructive wildfires in Greece, and we take a fully active part in the immediate relief measures announced by the Hellenic Bank Association.

This initiative comes as a follow-up to our recent one-off donation of equipment to the Hellenic Fire Service. This is our way of acting on our commitment to join in the Greek State’s efforts to protect Greece’s natural wealth.

Find out more about our voluntary actions.