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The Eurobank Green Procurement Policy applies the strict specifications included in our Environmental Policy. It guides us on what products to choose and which suppliers to trust.

Labelled eco-friendly products

We choose environmentally friendly products in the day-to-day operations of Eurobank every chance we get. We prefer to use products with recognised labeling, which certifies that they meet strict environmental criteria, such as:

  • Ecolabel, the credible EU sign of environmental excellence. The A4 paper we use at the Eurobank branches and offices has this label.
  • Energy Star, the energy efficiency label. The electronic devices we use at the Eurobank offices, such as computers and monitors, have this label.

Hand-picked suppliers

We try to share the same environmental attitude with our network of suppliers. To this end we evaluate the suppliers we choose based on environmental criteria:

  • We review their environmental policy and the environmental energy system they implement.
  • We ensure that the products and services they offer are environmentally friendly.

We have received awards for our suppliers so far:

Environmental awareness

We pass our environmental awareness on to our customers and employees. Find out how we raise awareness among our people on environmental issues.