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We raise awareness among our employees on the environment and energy saving. We design and launch awareness campaigns, educational programmes and group awareness initiatives as part of the Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

We raise awareness among our people on environmental issues

We train employees responsible for environmental issues in our bank branches through e-learning. We use interactive programmes to brief them on environmental issues that relate to Eurobank. We teach them how to save energy and limit the resources they use every day in their branch. We show them how to recycle.

We encourage friendly competitions among branches so they may save even more energy. We tell each branch where they rank in energy use compared to all the rest. In a special Environmental Questionnaire we distribute, we ask them to propose ways to improve their environmental performance.

We post informational material regarding the Eurobank environmental and energy management systems on a special page on the Eurobank Intranet. All our employees may download and read this material.

We organise awareness campaigns to save energy. Through these, we inform and train our employees on environmental and energy management.

What we have accomplished so far

During the “Good Energy – Don't Waste it, Use it Wisely” campaign in 2015 we raised awareness among our employees. We briefed them on environmental issues and social benefits. We gave them incentives to save energy at work and at home.

Part of the money we saved was donated for the heating of the Lyreio Children's Institution.

Our efforts to raise awareness among our staff have been recognised. Some of the major awards we have received include:

  • Gold Award – Energy Efficiency in Business, Environmental Awards 2015. We were awarded for our actions to raise awareness among employees through educational programmes.
  • Gold Award – Energy Conservation, Energy Mastering Awards 2015. Apart from reducing our carbon footprint, we were awarded for raising awareness among our employees and the citizens to approach climate change in a sustainable manner.
  • European Award, EMAS Awards 2011 in the category Participation of Interested Parties on Improving Environmental Performance.

We build on our values

Raising awareness among our staff on environmental issues is a priority of the Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility actions. We believe that:

  • “We are the ones who ought to put the principles of sustainable development into practice firstly through our companies.”
  • “Since 2005 we have been working with the United Nations Environment Programme for protecting the environment and fostering sustainable development.”
  • “We participate in decision-making bodies that promote knowledge on sustainable development and sustainable banking (UNEP FI, UN Global Compact, etc.).”

We carry on strong

We have been organising new environmental actions in 2017.

In the meantime, we raise awareness among our employees on the environment and energy saving:

  • We train the employees responsible for environmental issues in our bank branches. We continue to rank the bank branches based on their performance.
  • We make good use of the Eurobank Intranet as a tool for informing our employees and raising awareness among them. We upload updated material on efficient environmental and energy management regularly.