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Recognising our key role in serving society, we seek to create a positive impact through all aspects and areas of our activities. We combine a contemporary digital profile with a human face, seeking to deliver value to our people, our clients and our community.

Our social performance at a glance

Investing in our people and their development

Eurobank offers a modern work environment, fostering the development of its people, ensuring equal opportunities for advancement, recognising exceptional performance and encouraging innovation.

The Εurobank Group applies all measures required under national and EU legislation to ensure the health and safety of its employees, customers and associates. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System we have in place complies with our Occupational Health and Safety Statement. It covers all our employees and activities, and is certified according to the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Gender diversity

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and gender equality. Our aim is to achieve balanced representation on all levels.

In 2022 we achieved:

  • 31% females in BoD
  • 45% females at management level
  • 58% of total employees in Greece are female
  • 64% of total Group employees are female

Personal development and upskilling

To promote ongoing learning, we offer a broad range of equal opportunities and various resources to all employees, across all levels, as well as to our external associates.

For our People Forward: We cultivate a culture of continuous learning. This way we foster both personal development and upskilling, equipping our people with skills they need for their everyday tasks, but also preparing them for the future.

Every year over 98% of our people in Greece receive training. On average, each employee spends over 10 days in learning activities.

Career opportunities

We select our people based on merit, assessing their overall demeanour, skills and knowledge.

Performance is linked to various stages of the employee life cycle, such as promotions, career development and succession planning.

Promotions are linked to performance. To restrict management discretion and foster transparency, all promotions are discussed at the Development Committees.


Driven by our values, in 2018 we established Team Up, our volunteer group of employees and their family members, which currently numbers over 900 members In 2022 our people participated in 11 actions, offering over 4,000 hours of volunteering.

The voluntary actions and initiatives are based on our values, the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and our volunteers’ ideas and proposals.

We are the 1st bank in Greece to support and encourage volunteering. In 2022 we introduced the “Hours of Volunteering” programme. Each employee may take up to 15 hours off work annually to volunteer for initiatives launched by the organisation.

Find out how we are volunteering together with our people.

Supporting our community

True to our commitment to create added value for and give back to our society, we have designed and consistently implement a set of social initiatives. 

Supporting those in need

Each year, we support numerous organisations and institutions operating across Greece, which mainly support children and vulnerable social groups.

To this end, we stand by:

  • The younger generation.
  • Our local community.
  • Those who serve the country.

Find out all about our actions to support those in need.

Since 2004 we have partnered with the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign, launching the EuroLine Style Mastercard, the very first credit card addressed exclusively to women.

In 2000 Eurobank launched the EuroLine card, with 0.20% of the total value of transactions carried out by Euroline cardholders being donated to the PNOE (Friends of Children in Intensive Care) Foundation.

Supporting the new generation

We have created the Eurobank Youth Project, with products and services exclusively designed for young people, from the age of 18 to the time they will be making the major decisions in their life.

They can take advantage of unique benefits, discounted rates and an array of digital services for their day-to-day banking.

Fostering education, sports and culture

For us, education, sports and culture are concepts that shape the national identity of a country. Through various donations, we help foster the values that promote the image of Greece.

Education and excellence

Supporting education is a key pillar of our social responsibility. Our initiatives reward excellence and encourage the new generation to pursue knowledge and education:

  • The Moving Education Forward initiative – Since 2003, every year we reward the high-school graduates who achieve top marks in the university entry exams.
  • Scholarships at CTY Greece – We sponsor the scholarship programme, so that gifted and talented students can attend special inspirational educational programmes.


Sports represent important values for us. This is why we provide sponsorships for Greek athletes and teams whose efforts are invaluable examples of ethical demeanour, perseverance, commitment and self-discipline.

  • Official Sponsor – Sponsoring all the Greek National Basketball Teams since 2001. This is the longest active sponsorship in Greek sports and one of the longest in Europe.
  • Gold Sponsor – Supporting the sailing duo Panagiotis Mantis and Pavlos Kagialis in their endeavours towards the Tokyo 2021 Olympics in the Men's 470 Sailing Class.
  • Bronze Sponsor – Supporting Olympic gold medallist Sofia Bekatorou in her new sailing efforts, this time in the Nacra 17 class.


Promoting culture and the arts is a priority for Eurobank, as we believe that culture is an inherent part of any dynamic society.

Through our sponsorships in culture we showcase cultural performances in Greece. We have an affiliation with the Greek National Opera and the Athens Concert Hall.

In 2020, we donated €1.24 million to the “Greece 2021” Committee. The Committee was tasked with organising projects and events across Greece to celebrate the landmark anniversary of 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation

Acknowledging the importance of entrepreneurship for the expansion of the Greek economy, we undertake initiatives aiming to boost healthy entrepreneurship, extroversion and innovation.

Startup ecosystem

Through egg – enter•grow•go, we provide entrepreneurs with an integrated framework for business incubation, acceleration and cooperation.

We help and support startups and innovative businesses along their entrepreneurial journey, offering them opportunities for suitable financing, mentoring, commercial operations, networking and exporting activities.

During 2013-2022:

  • 1,100 young entrepreneurs created 310 startups.
  • 171 startups became businesses.
  • 49 businesses received financing from Eurobank with favourable terms (over €3.2m in total).
  • 65 businesses drew equity funding (over €43.4m in total).
  • 101 businesses earned over €12.3m in total.

We run egg – enter•grow•go in collaboration with Corallia, an organisation which offers management services to Greek innovation clusters.


Eurobank focuses on supporting the extroversion of Greek businesses. To help businesses boost their exports and attract new investments, we have partnered with major Greek institutions.

With the awarded ExportGate international trade portal, we help Greek and Cypriot businesses to boost their international expansion plans. We offer them networking opportunities in the global market and give them access to advanced tools and special information resources through:

  • One of the largest international trade e-libraries, with data for more than 180 countries.
  • Membership to the Trade Club Alliance international business network, which is supported by international banks in more than 60 countries

Taking advantage of Eurobank’s presence in SE Europe, we also help Greek businesses unlock their exporting potential through the Go International Business Delegation Programme.

Business Excellence

In 2016, in partnership with Grant Thornton, we established the Growth Awards.Our aim is to honour excellence and support healthy, dynamic, competitive and innovative enterprises across Greece.

We identify businesses that drive their sector forward, approach growth in a strategic and holistic manner, and help Greece recover and rebuild its credibility. Each year, the awards go to businesses that demonstrate excellence, people-centric mechanisms and agility, while being forward-thinking and contributing to a strong and dynamic national economy.


The Eurobank Innovation Centre’s mission is to provide us with fast-paced and focused innovation, with the aim of increasing profitability and efficiency in line with our strategy.

Its primary goal is to develop new and innovative solutions for Eurobank. By employing innovative methodologies, emerging technologies and open innovation, and by working with FinTech companies, it eliminates pain points, identifies solutions and remains relevant in the digital age.

Promoting digital literacy and inclusion

Aiming to offer first-class digital services, our digital strategy focuses on enabling and educating our individual and business clients to gain a competitive edge and enjoy an enhanced customer experience through digital channels.

We put our elderly and vulnerable fellow citizens first, with actions that promote their digital literacy.

Digital Academy for Business

Digital Academy for Business is a digital platform filled with knowledge, practices and insights for professionals and business owners.  Its aim is to support our clients’ digital literacy and help them through their business digital transformation and sustainable transition.

We provide professionals and entrepreneurs with access to various tools and learning resources, such as seminars, workshops, webinars, training etc. that can help them boost their competitiveness and growth.

With the objective of accelerating the digital and green transition of the Greek business ecosystem, Digital Academy for Business partners with major Greek institutions and corporates.


Acknowledging the need for each member of our society to have access to quality digital services, we promote inclusion through various initiatives:

  • Launching a helpline for assisting older and digitally illiterate clients to use digital channels.
  • Providing our clients access to banking products and services through ATMs and digital channels, such as e-Banking, mobile banking and v-Banking.
  • Launching digital customer onboarding services for International Customers living in 30 countries.

To further promote inclusivity and cater for customers with impairments, we have adopted new functionalities that create an inclusive banking experience:

  • Hearing impaired customers can get services in sign language through v-Banking.
  • Visually impaired customers have access to over 800 talking ΑΤΜs across Greece and may request documents in Braille or read by assistive technologies.
  • Motor impaired customers have easier access to our new branches, through wheelchair ramps, lower ATMs and entry buttons.