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Energy Saving Bridge Financing

Energy Saving Bridge Financing

Working Capital

on favourable terms

Up to 80% financing

of each project’s subsidy

With or without loan

for Energy Saving and Autonomy

Through the Energy Saving Bridge Financing, we extend you a credit line to finance the works you carry out as a supplier / contractor on properties included in the Energy Saving and Autonomy Programme (Exoikonomo – Aftonomo) launched by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy. You prefinance your backlogged orders until you are paid through the programme. You receive up to 80% of the subsidy amount your customers are eligible for through the Energy Saving and Autonomy Programme, regardless of whether they take out a loan or not. 

Get financing through the Energy Saving Bridge Financing

Contact a Business Advisor to get prefinancing for works you carry out on customer properties that are included in the Energy Saving and Autonomy Programme.

MAKE an appointment

We guide you through collecting the required supporting documents and submitting your application.