The mathematics of the new bailout (February 23,2012) | Eurobank
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The mathematics of the new bailout (February 23,2012)

The present report constitutes the second installment of a Eurobank EFG Research study on the new €130bn bailout package for Greece that was officially endorsed by the Eurogroup on February 21, 2012.
It provides a quantitative analysis on the benefits of the new package for the country’s sovereign solvency outlook as well as the evolution of the government’s borrowing needs and sources of funding until 2020.
The fist installment of our study, published earlier this week, provided a detailed overview on the main parameters and conditionality of the new rescue program as well as an updated timeline of the key dates and events in the crucial weeks ahead (see Greece Macro Monitor Feb 21, 2012). The next one, to be published by early next week, will review the modality and mathematics of the upcoming market-based debt restructuring (PSI).