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Enjoy permanent residence in Greece with no time restrictions and travel across the Schengen Area with a Greek Golden Visa. Contact us directly or through an Introducer to secure one of the most affordable residency-by-investment schemes in Europe for you and your family.

How to qualify for a Greek Golden Visa

To qualify for a Greek Golden Visa, you need to make a minimum investment in Greece in one of the following:

  • €250,000 in real estate or other type of investments.
  • €400,000 in securities or financial instruments, such as a time deposit.

Certain conditions may apply.

How you benefit from a Greek Golden Visa

Once you get your Golden Visa, you and your family can travel freely within Europe, while enjoying the Greek quality of life.

Whatever the investment you choose to make, you gain:

  • 5-year residence permit in Greece, with the option to renew it every 5 years as long as you keep your investment.
  • Free movement within the Schengen Area for 90 days every 6 months.
  • Residence permits for your entire family (spouse, children and parents).
  • Access to the Greek educational system.
  • A Greek passport after 7 years, under specific conditions.

Under the Greek residency-by-investment scheme, you do not have the right to work in Greece.

You may earn income on your investment, though. For example, by renting out your property.

Discover why you should choose Greece for a Golden Visa.

How we help you

We have launched a series of services and bespoke solutions to help our Golden Visa customers from across the globe meet their banking needs in Greece.

One-stop hub for all your needs

We have launched a series of custom services and solutions for our international customers. Working with reputable third-parties, we help you meet all your needs at a single service point.

As a one-stop hub, we provide you with:

  • Custom banking and insurance products and services.
  • Third-party consulting services for tax and public administration issues.
  • Third-party end-to-end real estate management services.
  • Instant access to in-depth economic insights.

Find out what our one-stop hub has to offer to you.

Dedicated branch in Greece

Conveniently located in the centre of Athens, our International Retail Branch has been designed to provide exclusive services to Golden Visa Investors. It is hosted on the 1st floor of a stunning neoclassical building, on 19 Kallirois Street, easily accessible and close to public transportation.

Our qualified and well-trained staff can offer you solutions tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy a seamless experience and absolute privacy, by appointment only.

Customer services beyond borders

To overcome borders, distances and travel restrictions, we provide you with solutions that make banking more accessible:

  • Remote account opening – Open an account with us remotely and manage your banking needs without having to travel to Greece.
  • Video-banking service through v-Banking – Meet your dedicated Personal Banker online, wherever you are.

Get in touch

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 The above information under no circumstances constitutes advice or service of fiscal or investment nature, neither is sufficient for the making of fiscal or investment decisions.