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Greece has introduced attractive regimes for people who wish to invest or transfer their tax residence to the country. As a member of both the EU and the euro area, it provides its citizens, investors and visitors with stability and safety. At the same time, you can enjoy easy travel across the Schengen Area, catch the Greek sun, and visit its natural beauties and historical sites.

Investment and tax incentives

Nearly 30,000 residence permits have been issued to non-EU citizens and their families through the Greek Golden Visa programme. Golden Visa Investors can stay in Greece with no time restrictions, access the Greek education and healthcare system, and travel across the Schengen Area.

Through the non-domicile tax regimes, Greece offers a series of tax incentives to foreign investors and pensioners transferring their tax residence to Greece.

Find out the benefits for Non-Dom Tax Residents and Foreign Pensioners.

Safety and stability

Greece is a safe country to live in. It is an EU member and has been a parliamentary Democracy since 1843.The country features quality infrastructure and services for both citizens and visitors.

As a member of the euro area, the country enjoys economic stability and all other benefits stemming from EU’s single currency. 

At the crossroads of 3 continents

Its unique geographic location renders Greece a natural gateway to Europe from the East.

Greece is a member of the Schengen Area, guaranteeing free movement to EU citizens and Schengen Visa holders to all Schengen States.

Top tourist destination

Greece is considered a top tourist destination, combining several distinctive features and benefits:

  • Outstanding natural beauty – Greece is perfect for nature lovers, featuring mountain, seaside and island destinations. Visitors have the chance to explore national parks and protected areas.
  • Excellent weather – Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate and has the highest rate of sunshine in Europe.
  • Mediterranean diet – Greek food is based on a balanced healthy diet. It offers a great variety of delicious dishes to satisfy meat and fish lovers, and vegetarians.
  • Culture – With a long and important history, Greece is the place where you can visit numerous archaeological sites, monuments and museums. It combines educational trips, pilgrimages, and excursions to study the natural environment, folk art and culture.
  • Entertainment – Options range from theatrical productions and festivals to concerts and the world-renowned Greek nightlife.

Discover how to make the most of your visit to Greece.

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