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The Eurobank Energy Management System is certified to ISO 50001. We apply a scientific methodology that reduces significantly the energy we use and consequently our greenhouse emissions. For our consistent efforts towards saving energy we have received major awards.

ISO 50001 certification

Eurobank is the first bank in Greece to apply an Energy Management System certified to ISO 50001.

The Energy Management System was first certified in 2015. The international certification extends to all our branch and office facilities.

By applying this certified Energy Management System, in 2015 we managed to save:

  • More than 10% in energy per person.
  • More than 15% in greenhouse emissions per person.

Scientific methodology

To keep increasing the energy efficiency of Eurobank, we employ a scientific methodology:

  1. We monitor the energy we use. We record and analyse these data.
  2. We carry out energy efficiency interventions and adopt management solutions that the energy service company (ESCO) we work with proposes.

The scientific methodology that the ESCO applies follows the pay-as-you-save model, as part of the Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract. The ESCO proposes measures to improve the energy performance of our buildings and premises. The fee for its energy services depends on the level of energy we save.

Awards for our Energy Management System

Major organisations have been consistently acknowledging the efficiency of the Energy Management System we apply. In recent years we have received:

  • Gold Award – ISO EN 50001 Certification, Energy Mastering Awards 2015, for the Energy Management System we apply in all our branches and offices. Eurobank is the first bank and among very few businesses in Greece to have received this certification.
  • Gold Award – Energy Efficiency (special category: Banks in Greece), Energy Mastering Awards 2015, for the energy management strategies we have adopted and the successful energy management practices we apply.
  • Gold Award – Energy Conservation, Energy Mastering Awards 2015, for our design that reduces the energy we use, saves in operational costs due to the upgrades in our technical and building infrastructure, and reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Gold Award – Energy Efficiency in Business, Environmental Awards 2015, for our energy efficiency interventions.
  • Silver Award – Energy Mastering (special category: Energy Saving Investments), Environmental Awards 2016, for improving the energy efficiency of the Eurobank buildings and branches. Joint nomination with Eurobank Property Services SA.