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We are participating in the global initiative to plant 100 million trees through the Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition, as being the only Greek bank to do so. Our actions confirm our commitment to achieve sustainable development. We give our customers incentives to use their Eurobank Mastercard, in an effort to raise awareness for this common goal.

Global initiative against climate change

The Priceless Planet Coalition is a worldwide action aiming to combat climate change.

Financial institutions and organisations from across the globe are participating in this global initiative.

We are the only Greek bank participating in the Priceless Planet Coalition.

100 million trees in 5 years

The objective of the action is to plant 100 million trees all over the world in 5 years. The trees will be planted in regions which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on climate change based on scientific evidence.

Through the Priceless Planet Coalition, the environmental actions of consumers, financial institutions, businesses and local communities will be coordinated as part of a joint initiative. This will help boost the results and positive impact of their actions.

Organisations and consumers unite in action for our planet

Through the synergy of organisations and the substantial contribution of consumers, we can all contribute to what scientists have termed as the planet's greatest crisis.

The initiative's partners participate through different, simultaneous, smaller-scale actions, which together form a larger action with a common vision and goal: fighting climate change.

This raises the environmental awareness of consumers. More importantly, it helps them adopt a new, friendlier attitude towards the environment. In this way, they have the opportunity to contribute to environmental protection easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Global coalition coordinated by Mastercard

The Priceless Planet Coalition unites the efforts of merchants, banks, cities and consumers, in collaboration with forestry experts. The objective is to invest in the protection of the environment through the restoration of forests.

The bodies participating in the initiative are divided into 3 categories, each having separate tasks depending on their field of action.


Mastercard is responsible for coordinating and managing the partnership. It has appointed an independent advisory committee to guide the initiative based on the latest scientific data.

Mastercard is committed to implementing specific projects. These projects include the donation platform, the tree-tracking table, collaboration with Swedish FinTech start-up Doconomy, etc.

Coalition Partners

Financial institutions, businesses and other partners contribute through actions involving their customers. Their aim is to raise further awareness about the protection of the environment.

They inform them about the carbon footprint left by their operation and encourage them to adopt a more environmentally-friendly attitude.

Forestry Partners

These are 2 global environmental organisations which are responsible for coordinating the restoration of forests:

In particular, they are currently researching the rate of climate change mitigation when planting a specific number of trees in specific regions. They are, therefore, responsible for deciding how many trees must be planted and where.

Eurobank's commitment

At Eurobank, we actively prove our commitment to promoting sustainable entrepreneurship. This commitment is put to practice in our daily operations, our banking practices and our corporate culture.

So, as of October 2020 we are the only Greek bank participating in the Priceless Planet Coalition. Read the relevant Press Release issued on the occasion of EU Green Week.

Read more about how our environmental actions contribute to green economy and sustainability.