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Greece Innovates! is a nationwide competition promoting business ideas that could transform Greece into a productive, outward-looking and competitive economy. We help scientists, research teams and businesses across Greece to put their innovative ideas into practice. The competition is held every 2 years in partnership with the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV). It is a Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

We fund scientific research and innovation

Greece Innovates! rewards researchers, research teams or businesses conducting research in Greece for their innovative business ideas.

We actively support the winning teams:

  • We offer cash prizes (2 prizes for applied research and 2 prizes for innovation).
  • We attract private funds so they may bring their ideas to life and make commercial use of them.

We also cater for all shortlisted finalists. We create PR and exposure opportunities:

  • In the media.
  • Across the Eurobank network and the networks of other business bodies.
  • In meetings with the business and financial communities.
  • In regional exhibitions and events held in business and research hubs around Greece.
  • Through the Greece Innovates! album distributed to businesses and academic institutions.

A scientific board jointly appointed by SEV and Eurobank evaluates the candidates. They assess the features and potential of each innovation:

  • Is it original?
  • Does it offer a competitive edge?
  • Is the field ready to apply it, use it and propagate its benefits?
  • Can it be mass produced and used commercially in technology or business?
  • How does it enhance the position of the body or business that owns the rights to exploit it (financials, positioning, extroversion, etc.)?

What we have accomplished so far

Greece Innovates! was launched in 2012. It is the only competition in Greece that links scientific research to business.

To this day 3 successful competitions have resulted in:

  • 60 awarded innovative ideas, services and products. Many of them have already been developed.
  • 747 shortlisted candidacies from the fields of applied research and innovation.

Greece Innovates! boosts Greek entrepreneurship and the economy:

  • We help create new jobs, especially for young people.
  • We show that innovation offers a competitive advantage.
  • We connect research and innovative ideas to entrepreneurship and production.
  • We offer incentives for the creative resources in Greece.

We carry out this Eurobank CSR initiative in partnership with the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV). As an independent and competent agent in private economy, SEV is a leading player in transforming Greece into a productive, extrovert and competitive economy.

We build on our values

Greece Innovates! incentivises the creative resources in Greece. We pave the way for young scientists who have a passion for knowledge and research. We help them put their ideas into practice because we believe:

  • “Healthy entrepreneurship is what creates value for the customers of a business, its employees, its shareholders and ultimately society in its entirety.”
  • “Greece’s scientific, technological and business reserves must spearhead the efforts to reboot the Greek economy and become the country's strong competitive advantage.”
  • “Innovation is a necessary condition to improve the competitiveness of Greece and get the economy back on the growth track.”

We carry on strong

With Greece Innovates! we keep looking for innovative business ideas that:

  • Make everyday life better.
  • Boost Greek exports.
  • Foster sustainable development.

The 4th nationwide Greece Innovates! competition is coming up soon.