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Our daily choices determine what our world will look like tomorrow. Through the TeamUp volunteer team and the WeShare giving team, our people take action to reduce food waste, protect nature and ensure that everyone has the required tools to access education, contributing to a better and more sustainable future for all.

Reducing food waste

We collect and distribute leftover fruits and vegetables from farmers’ markets to our fellow citizens, who find it difficult to get food.

Working with the NGO Boroume (We Can), we participate in the “Boroume at the Farmers' Market” programme to salvage produce at farmers’ markets.

Through the donation of produce left over on the producers’ benches to charities, the programme aims to:

  • Combat malnutrition.
  • Reduce primary sector waste.

Protecting nature

We clean up beaches and forests, and participate in tree-planting projects across Greece.

In partnership with the NGO We4All, we participate in tree-planting campaigns and forest clean-ups in fire-stricken areas, such as the wider Ancient Olympia area, Norhern Evoia and Attica.

We also work with the iSea environmental organisation, carrying out initiatives to protect the aquatic ecosystems.

Offering educational tools

We donate school supplies, books and equipments to institutions, schools and families in need.

We design and launch solidarity and support initiatives targeted to:

  • Families facing difficulties.
  • Charities, such as Perissos Shelter for Minors, Abused Women’s Guesthouse, Kokkori Foundation, etc.
  • Schools in areas encountering emergencies, such as Northern Evoia, or remote areas of Greece, such as Agios Efstratios island or Didymoteicho.

Partnering with our volunteers, we support people or organisations that we personally know are in dire need. Our aim is to meet lesser known needs and increase our added value this way.

Participating together

We urge everyone to participate in significant actions and we support our volunteer teams:

  • TeamUp – The Eurobank employee volunteer team has been around since 2018. It launches initiatives that improve Eurobank’s impact on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and prosperity. In 2022 our people participated in more than 10 actions and offered over 4,000 hours of volunteer work.
  • WeShare – The giving team is an action that started in 2015 at the initiative of the Eurobank employees. Its aim is to coordinate individual efforts and achieve the results with the largest impact on society and the environment. It currently counts 2,000 members.