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Our purpose

Eurobank started off as a pioneer. Infusing international perspectives and talent has made us a constant source of energy and innovation in banking.

During tough times, our ingenuity, agility and stamina helped us to emerge even stronger. We gained the best position to revive our pioneering spirit again.

Today’s world needs a new concept of prosperity. One that creates opportunities for more and momentum for tomorrow. To find new paths and enable holistic growth, we need to support the pioneers. Those who question the status quo, embrace the new, take the lead and push society forward. To turn our customers’ ambitions into reality, we need to be pioneers ourselves.

As Eurobankers, we use our entrepreneurial drive and redesign banking to make it better. With our long-term perspective, we create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

And as a strong team, we offer products, services and solutions that are faster, simpler and more easily accessible.

To advance us all, we must go ahead and unleash potential everywhere.

Prosperity needs pioneers.

Our vision

Be the leading bank in creating prosperity for our customers, employees, shareholders and society by offering pioneering solutions in the communities we serve.

Our values

  • Empathy

“We see things from our customers' perspective”

It is important to care for our customers. That is why we listen carefully, understand their needs and work for their benefit. That is how we make a difference in their lives.

  • Drive

“We believe it is up to us”

It is important to be determined. That is why we are committed to ongoing action and we meet expectations. That is how we produce the best results for our customers and Eurobank.

  • Cooperation

“We stand by our colleagues”

It is important to make a difference. That is why we work as a team and commit to our joint efforts. That is how we ensure success for all.

  • Innovation

“We break new ground”

It is important to shape the future. That is why we aspire to keep evolving within an ever-changing society. That is how we make plans for the future.

  • Trust

“We look people in the eye”

It is important to be responsible. That is why we treat our customers, associates and colleagues with professionalism and integrity. That is how we forge relationships of trust.