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Through the WeShare giving team we support charities and stand by the social groups that need us most. Since 2015 we have been spreading the love among our fellow citizens in need through our actions. When we make a concerted effort towards a common goal, we can achieve so much more.

Supporting vulnerable social groups

The WeShare team is an action that started in 2015 at the initiative of Eurobank employees. Its aim is to coordinate individual efforts and achieve the results with the largest impact on society and the environment.

The team came to life from a concept among its founding members. Soon after it became known by word of mouth. Gradually, all the more employees started to express interest in joining.

The Eurobank Management supported its activities and made resources available within the company to promote its work.

Today the WeShare team counts over 2,000 members. It mainly undertakes initiatives of a people-centric nature. These usually stem from the personal experience of the team members, who know first-hand of a case, a family, a foundation or an NGO that needs help.

What we have accomplished so far

From 2015 to date, the WeShare team has repeatedly taken action to helps schools, foundations, NGOs and fellow citizens facing adversities:

  • €68,500 have been collected so far to assist with hospitalization and treatment expenses for children with grave health problems.
  • Digital projectors and laptops were donated to 7 schools in Northern Evoia.
  • 3 tonnes of plastic bottle caps were collected to buy wheelchairs.
  • 1,400 children received school bags and supplies to start off the new school year with 33,446 different school items, while €3,190 were donated to schools, foundations and underprivileged families.
  • 2,500 basic necessity items and €1,013.89 were distributed to homeless fellow citizens.
  • 12,136 basic necessity items and €1,003.17 were distributed to refugees.
  • Over 934 kg of food were donated to associations and charities to feed our fellow citizens.
  • 140 portions of food were donated to the social kitchen.
  • 4 home appliances were made available for the needs of the fire-stricken special primary school.
  • Basic necessities for mothers and children were donated to the abused women's hostel.

The day-to-day actions of the WeShare team

  • Collecting bottle caps: One tonne of plastic bottle caps is equivalent to one wheelchair. With this smallest of efforts, the team helps our fellow citizens with mobility problems.
  • Sharing its members’ skills: It shares the energy and knowledge of its members through the iShare initiative.
    Depending on their skills, knowledge and experience, the WeShare volunteers help our fellow citizens hone their own skills in areas such as computers, foreign languages, etc.
    In addition, the volunteers contribute towards making the day-to-day lives of the people they help easier, by helping with odd jobs and repairs, children’s schoolwork, tax returns, etc.

We build on our values

Through the WeShare team of volunteers, the people of Eurobank stand by our fellow citizens who are facing adversities and needing help. We believe that:

  • “With each one of us performing a small act, we can achieve major results.”
  • “We spread the love when we share with people in need.”

The WeShare team of volunteers actively supports any small act and can make society more humane.