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Putting our customers first, we are the first bank in Greece to offer remote account opening services for International Customers. Overcoming borders, distances and travel restrictions, we provide you with solutions that make banking more accessible.

Secure process

Start a new banking relationship with Eurobank remotely from your country of residence. We have established a secure process to allow you to start managing your banking needs without having to travel to Greece.

One of our highly experienced officers contacts you by video call to guide you through the application process step-by-step. The video call may be held in English or in Greek.

More than just an account

During the video call with our officer, you may apply for:

  • Bank accounts in all major currencies, at the branch of your choice.
  • Debit Mastercard or Personal Banking Debit Visa Card.
  • Credentials for Eurobank e-Banking.

You may also receive information on how to apply for a mortgage loan for non residents.

Step-by-step guidance

To start a new banking relationship with Eurobank, you simply have to fill in our contact form and submit all required documentation. A Eurobank officer supports and guides you every step of the way.

Getting in touch

Fill in our contact form, choosing the Remote Account Opening option.

One of our experienced officers will contact you and inform you in detail about the required supporting documents you need to submit and the steps you need to follow to start banking with Eurobank.

You should use the same email address for all your communications with Eurobank, throughout the process. Sending emails from other email addresses may result in significant delays in the remote account opening process.

Applying for a new banking relationship

Once we receive all required documentation, we schedule a video call with one of our officers so you can apply for a new banking relationship.

During the video call, our officer will guide you through the entire process until you are all set to start banking with Eurobank.

Banking with Eurobank

Once our banking relationship commences:

  • You may start using your account from day 1.
  • Within 1 week, you will receive your e-Banking credentials by email and then your debit card by post at the address you have specified.
    International postage delivery times may vary depending on your country of residence.

Apply for remote account opening