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In partnership with Eurolife FFH and Designia Insurance Brokers, we offer solutions that meet your needs, whether you are a Golden Visa Investor, a Non-Dom Tax Resident, a Foreign Pensioner, a Greek Expatriate or a Digital Nomad. Choose from a range of insurance plans to cover all your insurance needs when you move to, work or own property in Greece.

Life and health insurance

Pick the health insurance plan that best suits your needs.

Compulsory health insurance

To apply for a residence permit in Greece, you need to have an insurance plan in place. The plan includes all covers required by Law:

  • €1,000 for accidental death.
  • €15,000 annually for permanent total disability due to accident.
  • Up to €15,000 annually for permanent partial disability due to accident, with 20% excess.
  • €10,000 annually for hospitalisation in a public hospital in case of illness or accident, with 20% excess.
  • €1,500 annually for medical costs for illness or accident, with 20% excess.

Health insurance

This insurance plan covers hospital care costs in case of illness or accident at public and private hospitals around the globe.

You may tailor your plan based on your needs: hospital care, annual medical check-up, diagnostic tests, medical consultations, etc.

You also have a choice of excess.

Long-stay insurance

This insurance plan covers your hospitalisation at public and private hospitals, third-party liability and legal protection, when staying in a country other than your place of residence for up to 1 year.

Credit life insurance

Get life insurance to make sure that your family does not have to deal with any outstanding debt in case of loss of life.

Level cover

This plan provides life cover and is suitable for you if you have increased debt obligations, such as loans, credit cards etc.

It aims to cover the beneficiaries in case of loss of life of the policyholder.

Decreasing cover

This plan provides life cover and is suitable for you if you have taken out a mortgage loan or the bank asks for a life insurance plan to approve the loan.

The insured capital decreases every year by the same amount. For example, a 10-year plan insuring a total amount of €10,000 decreases by €1,000 every year.

Property and other insurance

Protect your home, but also yourself and family against liabilities stemming from your property.

Home insurance

Insure your building and contents, and get cover for fire, earthquake, severe weather, third-party liability, theft etc.

Liability insurance for short-term rentals

Get third-party liability insurance in case customers or guests have an accident (loss of life, body injuries) while staying in your place.

This plan covers you when you or people working for you are liable for the accident.

Legal protection

Insure your family and yourself, and cover both personal and business needs:

  • Personal legal protection – The plan provides cover for claims against third parties for bodily injuries to sustained by you or your family members, or damages to your property (home or holiday home). It also covers court expenses for negligent tort claims against you.
  • Professional legal protection – The plan covers disputes with your employer, in the private or public sector. It also covers legal fees, court expenses, compensation for witnesses and assessors etc. You may choose your own lawyer.