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Through the Moving Education Forward initiative every year we reward the high-school graduates who achieve top marks in the university entrance exams. We offer them both moral and financial incentives to foster learning. We understand that their quest for knowledge is the future of this country. This Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility initiative counts 20 years; in this time, we have awarded 21,536 top students.

We stand by the new generation and Greek education

Every year we reward one top graduate from every high school in Greece: the one who gathered 72 points and over in total in the 4 subjects they sit for during the university-entry exams, with each subject graded on a 20-point scale.

The students are awarded during special ceremonies held in the various educational regions of Greece from October to January of each year.

We also award the top graduate from every prefecture in the county, i.e. 60 students who gathered the highest sum of points over 72 in the university-entry exams in their prefecture.

The Best of the Best receive their awards from the President of the Hellenic Republic. The festive ceremony is held in the Old Parliament House, a Greek institution. Apart from the families of the graduates, others attending the ceremony include representatives from the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, the Church, academic and institutional bodies and the senior management of Eurobank.

What we have accomplished so far

The Moving Education Forward Corporate Social Responsibility initiative was launched in 2003. It takes place every year and is supported by the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

It encompasses all the senior high schools of Greece:

  • 1,391 general high schools
  • 414 vocational high schools

We have given away almost €20 million in cash prizes so far to the high-school graduates who achieved top marks in the university entrance exams.

21,536 students from around Greece have been awarded to date. We awarded 975 top graduates during the 2021-2022 school year.

Today, most of the graduates we have awarded have gained recognition in the country's economic, academic and scientific fields.

We build on our values

Through the Moving Education Forward Corporate Social Responsibility initiative we have been investing in Greek education, which is a core value for Eurobank. We believe that:

  • “If Education is the solution for all the countries, for Greece it is a historic command.”
  • “The best must be distinguished and rewarded; they are the ones who set goals and choose the arduous path to conquer them.”
  • “Education, and especially the level and effectiveness of the educational process, must be a major national target through the ages and our single most significant national investment for the future.”

We actively support excellence and encourage the next generation of Greeks to pursue knowledge, education and friendly competition. Schools are major incubators of values, ideas and visions. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility actions, we build relationships of trust with the Greek society.

We carry on strong

The Moving Education Forward initiative is continuing for the 21st consecutive school year in 2023.

Check out the information on the processing of personal data belonging to the top high-school graduates we rewarded in 2021-2022 through the Moving Education Forward initiative (available only in Greek).