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In partnership with leading academic institutions, we showcase innovative scientific fields that play a leading role in transforming society towards the new era of growth and well-being.

New Professional Postgraduate Programme MSc in Digital Transformation

We cover the operating cost for the new Professional Postgraduate Programme MSc in Digital Transformation, carried out by the Department of Management Science and Technology, Athens University of Economics and Business, and a significant part of the tuition fees of participating students.

In addition, every year we give the top 10 graduates the chance to be recruited at Eurobank.

The aim of the programme is to prepare and provide expertise to young professionals in innovative scientific fields linked to the transition to the digital world. This way, we help young executives gain vast and valuable knowledge of technology and its practical applications.   

The subjects of the new Professional Postgraduate Programme MSc in Digital Transformation include many innovative fields, such as:

  • Quantitative computational methods and business analytics
  • Analysis, modelling and implementation of information systems and processes
  • Management of digital innovation projects
  • e-Business and digital innovation

The courses and assignments are held in English and Greek and run for 3 semesters. The students have access to real-life banking case studies and future career opportunities at Eurobank. 

Postgraduate scholarships

For more than 3 decades we have been actively serving the financial sector in an innovative way, and investing in the evolution of banking science and the specialisation of professionals in the field. 

We work with leading scientific institutions to reward excellence and encourage postgraduate studies in banking and economics. We offer scholarships for the following postgraduate programmes:

  • Finance and Banking by the Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Economics by the Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Banking and Financial Management by the University of Piraeus