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We raise awareness among our employees on the environment and energy saving. We design and carry out informational and educational programmes, as well as group awareness activities.

Raising awareness on the environment and energy

Raising awareness among our people on environmental and energy issues is a priority for Eurobank.

We train the environmental supervisors at our branches and units through e-Learning. Using interactive programmes, we brief them on environmental and energy issues that relate to Eurobank. We teach them how to save energy and limit the resources they use in their daily activities. We also show them how to recycle materials, such as paper, printer toners, electronic equipment, etc.

As part of the Eurobank 2030 digital transformation, and aiming to reinforce a paperless culture, we have created a special Paper Challenge programme. The programme trains our employees on the automations we have in place to reduce paper use, tests their knowledge on specific issues and information, and eventually transforms them into paperless culture ambassadors.

We encourage the active participation of our people in energy saving. Through simple tasks, we can all reduce our energy footprint every single day. We assess our branches and buildings in terms of energy consumption. We inform our people of the assessment results, and ask them to propose ways to improve both their energy and environmental performance.

On the Eurobank Intranet we post information about the Bank’s Environmental Management System and Energy Management System, as well as other issues, such as the Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Water Day, Eurobank’s award for its responsible procurement, etc. All our employees may download and read this material.

We carry on strong

Aiming at a sustainable future, we have instilled ESG thinking in our people. It is a new learning experience that offers the right tools so that we may:

  • Introduce this ESG thinking into our day-to-day lives.
  • Redefine our relationship with the environment and society.
  • Act driven by prosperity and the common good.