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We meet new candidates at evaluation centres and we evaluate them with the most up-to-date methods. We single out the most talented candidates through individual tests and group exercises. We identify special skills and attitudes that are in line with your values.

Your application

We process the information on your application and your CV. Your responses in your application help us understand how you support your candidacy.

If you meet the requirements for the position or the BeAPro programme in which you have declared interest, we inform you of the evaluation process. Otherwise we keep your CV on file at Eurobank for future reference.

The evaluation centre

A large part of the evaluation process takes place online. The tools are adapted to the requirement of Eurobank and the needs of each position. The evaluation may include:

  • An online aptitude test. 
  • An interview via video conferencing.
  • A personality questionnaire.
  • Simulation exercises (team exercise, case study, etc.).
  • Special exercises depending on the requirements of each position.

From your performance, our team of evaluators formulates an overview of your skills and attitudes. If we determine that your participation is successful, we invite you for an interview.

Find out all about the tests included in the most up-to-date methods at the evaluation centres.

Your interview

During your interview, a special representative from the Talent Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding Division and a representative from the unit you are interested in welcome you.

We discuss your CV and your professional experience. We analyse the behaviour you have demonstrated in your professional career and beyond. 

We also analyse the results of your written and oral tests. We use psychometric evaluation tools that allow us to consider more information regarding your professional personality.

We facilitate dialogue during the interview. We give you the opportunity to find out more about the position you are interested in. You may also ask us any questions you may have regarding the work environment and the opportunities for advancement at Eurobank.

Find out what to expect and how to prepare for a successful interview.

The evaluation of all candidates

We evaluate your candidacy based on the specifications for each position and the values of Eurobank.

We study the information at hand about you and the other candidates. We make our selection based on merit and transparency.

We inform you of the results of your candidacy.

Read our commitment when it comes to merit, objectivity, equal treatment and transparency in the evaluation process.