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In an interview, the interviewer only has a few minutes to assess your skills and explore your interests. It is impossible to predict all the questions they may ask you. However, you can prepare in advance to improve the impression you make.

Before the interview

The more you know about the environment of the interview, the more comfortable you will feel. It is easier to speak with confidence.

Learn about the nature of the interview

In each interview, the number of interviewers, those being evaluated or the venue may vary. The most common types of interview are:

  • Personal – One candidate and one interviewer
  • Group – One candidate and two or more interviewers.
  • Telephone – Via telephone or Skype without image.
  • Video conferencing – Via Skype or another medium with image.

Ask who will interview you

Ask to see who will be your interviewer. Look for information about your interviewers through social media. Find out what their positions are at the company and get to know their professionals interests. 

Learn about the company

Read about the company on its website and social media. Familiarise yourself with its mission, values and objectives. Use this information to show them why you fit in with their principles and how you can contribute to attaining their objectives.

Prepare to defend your CV

Every piece of information you have included in your CV could be a potential question for an interviewer. Prepare a description for each work-related or educational experience you have mentioned. Think about what you will say for each skill you have developed through each experience.

The first impression

Your evaluation begins the moment you arrive at the location where the interview will take place. It is important that you make a positive first impression. Your interviewer will get a more favourable opinion of you during the discussion to follow.

Be on time

Try to arrive at the location no less than 5 minutes beforehand.

Dress to impress

It is important that you dress in clean business attire, but wear clothing that will make you feel comfortable. If the interview is conducted over the internet, make sure that the area around you is neat, well-lit and quiet.


You must greet your interviewers politely and respectfully. Refer to them on a first-name basis only if they tell you to.

During the interview

A large part of your evaluation will be about the manner in which you think and behave. The confidence you use to describe your skills will play a crucial role in your efforts to persuade your interviewer. However, the readiness you display when handling a question to which you do not know the answer may make the difference on whether you get the position or not.

Speak with authority and enthusiasm

Talk about your achievements and sell yourself. Explain how you can contribute to the growth of the company from the position you are applying for. Speak with confidence, without boasting.

Ask for more information about the position as well as the company. Display interest regarding the work environment and philosophy of the company.

Be aware of your body language

During the interview, it is crucial that you project the right messages with your body language.

  • Maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Display confidence and honesty.
  • Sit up straight and do not cross your legs. Exude self-confidence with your posture. 
  • Smile even though you may be nervous. Show that you are approachable and open in the discussion.

If you do not know something, ask

If you are asked a question you do not understand, ask for clarifications. Frequently the interviewers are not expecting a specific reply. They want to see how you think.

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