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At the evaluation centres trained evaluators assess the performance of each candidate during specially designed individual and group exercises. These methods offer the potential employer an objective and complete overview for each candidate: talent, skills, behaviour, personality and educational needs.

Exercises on how to handle incoming documents

Within a specific timeframe, candidates undertake to handle complex tasks that are part of the position they are being tested for. The conditions of the exercise are simulations of actual working conditions.

Candidates are evaluated on their ability to prioritise these tasks and execute them in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

Group exercises

Candidates work together to solve a problem within a specific timeframe. They are evaluated on their ability to interact and work with others.

Case analysis and presentation exercises

The evaluators describe a business and a problem it is facing. The candidates study the business scenario and recommend solutions to the problem. In some cases, they prepare short presentations for one or more evaluators.

Candidates are evaluated on their ability to assimilate information, analyse it and use it to find innovative solutions.

Role playing

The candidate and the evaluator each assume a role in an imaginary work scenario (e.g. a sales meeting).

Candidates are evaluated on their ability to achieve objectives, work under pressure and negotiate effectively.

Skills test

Candidates take a multiple choice test that assesses specific skills, such as linguistic, numerical, graphs, engineering, spatial perception, etc.

They are given a specific timeframe (15-40 minutes) to complete the test.

The test is scored based on standardised protocols. Each question usually has the same score. The total number of correct answers and the time it takes to complete the test determine the result.

Personality questionnaire

The personality tests reveal a typical pattern of behaviour for the candidate and the reasons that lead to this behaviour.

The evaluators scrutinise the emotional intelligence, incentives and values of the candidate. They understand how the candidates make decisions and how much self-esteem they have. They get a complete overview of the strong features each candidate has, but also the points they need to improve.

Personal data regarding candidates is collected upon their consent. The employer pledges to maintain confidentiality and only use the data for the purposes of evaluation.