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With the aim to take immediate and responsible action to address the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), we inform you that we have taken a series of measures that will help make your day-to-day life easier and improve your customer service.

Alternative and digital channels

In the effort to reduce flows to spaces of interaction, we inform you that you can use our alternative and digital channels to carry out your transactions unimpeded, without having to go to our branches.

More specifically, you can carry out your daily transactions easily and securely, 24/7:

Contactless transactions

We urge you to opt for contactless payments with your Eurobank credit and debit cards to limit handling of cash. Contactless payments allow you to pay without handing your card over to someone else.

Following the announcement by the Hellenic Bank Association, the contactless payments limit is raised to €50.

You can also use your mobile to carry out contactless transactions at POS terminals with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Card control online

To use your mobile or computer to control what you can do with your debit, prepaid and credit cards, you can activate the Cards Control service on Eurobank Mobile App or e-Banking.

This way, card by card, you can:

  • Freeze/unfreeze your card temporarily if you cannot find it.
  • Switch on/off your card if you want to use for cash withdrawal, either from your account or your credit limit.
  • Switch on/off your card if you want to use it to shop in-store or online, in Greece or abroad.
  • Change the cash withdrawal limit of your cards.

If your card is new or has been reissued, you can use the Cards Control service to activate your card and PIN from you mobile.

Specialised staff helping you by phone

Ready to help you by phone are:

  • Our Personal Banking specialised staff.
  • Our Business Banking specialised staff.
  • Staff at our Private Banking Centres.

Our v-Banking staff are also available to businesses with access to the service, helping you via video call, wherever you are.

Branch network

The staff at our branches are always available to offer you the best service. 

Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers and branch staff. To this end, we have also taken the following actions:

  • Detailed information and application of the guidelines that the Hellenic National Public Health Organisation has issued (in Greek only) on precautions and personal hygiene, as well as collaboration with infectious disease specialists to get reliable scientific responses on preventing and combatting the virus.
  • Specific guidelines for staff who show symptoms of the virus; who suspect they have been infected; who have recently returned from regions where there is a documented, ongoing spread of Covid-19; or, who belong to vulnerable groups.
  • Emphasis on sterilising our workplaces with strong disinfectants daily and distributing liquid antiseptics in all Eurobank premises and branches.
  • Bans on business travel abroad and opting instead for teleconferencing and videoconferencing; strong recommendation against personal travel abroad.
  • Prohibition of large meetings and opting instead, where possible, for teleconferencing or videoconferencing.
  • Option to work from home (teleworking).

We act in your best interest

At Eurobank, our top priority remains you and your safe customer service.

To this end, we already have prepared an action plan to ensure the smooth operation of Eurobank. We have identified and planned the arrangements that keep us increasingly alert and minimise the potential negative impact of the virus spread.

In addition, to protect public health and reduce the risks involved in mass distribution of correspondence, we inform you that we have postponed mailing out paper copies of account statements for quarter 1, 2020.

We continue to get the latest updates on the issue, so that we can remain alert to any additional measures it might be necessary to take.