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Restarting Greek tourism is our priority

Restarting Greek tourism is our priority

Freezing capital

instalments for 2 years

Liquidity for 2020

Approving funds for 2021 today

Discount rates

for COVID-Shield certification

In these difficult times for Greek tourism, Eurobank, the bank of Greek Tourism, has put together a package of measures amounting to €750 million, aimed exclusively at professionals and businesses in the tourism industry. Through Business RESTART, we stand by them and support the hotel industry restart through real actions and financing for 2020 and 2021.

The Eurobank CEO, Mr Fokion Karavias, mentioned, “Leading in the support of companies and in the economic restart is a top business priority for Eurobank. Providing support to the hotel industry – to ALL hotels, large, medium and small – is crucial for the country and for the economy’s outlook.

Eurobank is the Bank of Greek Tourism. Not just for the sunny days. We are the Bank of Greek tourism even in difficult times.”

Support measures designed exclusively by Eurobank

  • Freezing capital instalments until 31/12/2021 for hotel business loans that had no overdues as of 31/12/2019.
  • Providing direct liquidity for working capital covering the entire needs for 2020. This way, we also make the most of any liquidity support measures introduced now or in the future.
  • Providing this year the working capital required for restarting in 2021.
  • Continuing to finance approved investments in the hotel industry with €300 million.
  • Offering exclusively to all tourism companies a discount for the COVID-Shield certification scheme, which is the first integrated certification scheme, verifying that a company implements properly all required measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, in partnership with recognised international certification organisation ΤÜV AUSTRIA. We help businesses manage the cost of adjusting to the new conditions and get the certification flag at an affordable price.

All these are offered under certain terms and conditions.

Supporting industries that have taken a hit

Through its initiatives and support measures of €750 million, of which €200 million is for freezing instalments for 2 years, €250 million for providing liquidity and €300 million for financing new investments, Eurobank supports businesses of all sizes that fall into its performing hotel loan portfolio (as of 31/12/2019).

To be eligible, a company’s loans must be performing and have no overdues as of 31/12/2019.

To learn more about the new support measures Eurobank adopted for tourism, as well as all available options for your business, contact the officer that serves you.

Find out who to contact if you do not already have a banking relationship with Eurobank .

We aim to help our clients face these difficult times, making the most of all available means.

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