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EaSI-AFI financing programme

EaSI-AFI financing programme

vulnerable social groups



up to €12,500

We support micro-enterprises and a new outward-looking growth model for the Greek economy. In partnership with AFI, we offer microcredit to existing and new businesses, and support the self-employed. Microloans are guaranteed through the EU EaSI programme.

Providing microcredit

AFI (Action Finance Initiative) is a civil-law non-profit company. It was established in Greece in 2014 by Action Aid Hellas and ADIE, a French institution that is a leader in the field of microcredit in Europe.

We cooperate with AFI to provide microcredit (up to €12,500) and help the long-term unemployed, people in vulnerable social groups and micro-enterprises with no access to bank financing. This way, we provide them with the opportunity to create their own jobs (self-employment) or start small business units and create new jobs.

AFI is responsible for preselecting, training and mentoring the candidates. Eurobank is responsible for the credit check and financing. Our dedicated department under Small and Medium Business Banking manages the applications that have been preselected by AFI.

Guaranteed by the EaSI programme

Microloans are guaranteed by the European Union through the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme.

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Covering needs

The financing can be used to cover needs in:

  • Working capital (buying raw materials, covering payroll and rent etc.).
  • Investments in fixed assets (buying equipment, buying or repairing business premises etc.).
  • Investments in intangible assets (software etc.).

Apply for the EaSI AFI programme

To learn more about the EaSI-AFI financing programme, visit an AFI Open Day in Athens or submit the following form.

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