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If you are interested in investing in Greece, we have launched a dedicated series of products and services for International Customers. Enjoy a fully integrated customer experience by choosing to bank securely online or over the phone. Contact us to find out how we can assist you in securing a mortgage loan and meeting all your banking needs.

One-stop hub for all your needs

To further facilitate our International Customers, we have brought together both banking and third-party services. This way you can meet all your needs at a single service point.

As a one-stop hub, we provide you with:

  • Custom banking and insurance products and services.
  • Insurance products, through Eurolife FFH and Designia Insurance Brokers.
  • Third-party consulting services for tax and public administration issues.
  • Third-party end-to-end real estate management services.
  • Settling-in packages to relocate in Greece.
  • Instant access to in-depth economic insights.

Find out what our one-stop hub has to offer to you.

Customer service beyond borders

To overcome borders, distances and travel restrictions, we provide you with digital customer onboarding: open an account with us online from your mobile, provided you live and work in, and have an ID or passport issued by a country participating in PRADO.

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    The above information under no circumstances constitutes advice or service of fiscal or investment nature, neither is sufficient for the making of fiscal or investment decisions.