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Eurobank has been named "Best Consumer Digital Bank in Western Europe for 2022" for the third consecutive year by the internationally renowned Global Finance magazine. Eurobank is the only systemic bank in Greece that managed to win four important distinctions by Global Finance since it was also honored with the distinctions of:

“Best Consumer Digital Bank in Greece for 2022”,

“Best Corporate Digital Bank in Greece for 2022” and

“Best Open Banking APIs in Western Europe for 2022 (Consumer)”.

Global Finance magazine's annual awards are a reliable indicator of the best practices in the financial industry. The winners are selected after a thorough evaluation by a world-class Nomination Committee. Among the key criteria are, an evident, strong strategy for attracting customers through digital applications and the provision of high-quality services, expansion of digital customer base, successful design, and functionality of digital applications as well as the range of offered products and services.

Indicative criteria that were evaluated in terms of the functionality of the services provided are:

  • The possibilities that the Bank provides to users for Digital On Boarding. Eurobank offers the ability of initiating a cooperation with the Bank digitally, both for Greek residents and non-residents, in 29 countries.
  • Digital product offering through a wide range of available options via the Bank’s digital channels.
  • The number of available banking transactionsexceeding 1.800 - that can be carried out through digital channels, the possibility of transferring money by just using the mobile phone number and the integrated digital wallet options.
    Eurobank offers contactless transactions through Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and Garmin Pay digital wallets.
  • Managing Eurobank cards through the Cards Control service, the mechanisms available for performing secure transactions and the ability to check products, even if they are other banks’ products, through the Account Aggregation service. The Bank also offers the possibility of using products from other banks through the Payment Initiation service.

The above-mentioned functionalities are implemented by Eurobank’s Digital Factory, which drives and shapes the functional "Omnichannel design" of the Bank, enabling customers to enjoy a unanimous experience) and a high level of interoperability among the digital channels, as well as within the branch network based on Eurobank's Phygital model.

Eurobank's continuous presence among the leading banks in Europe, in terms of technological advancement and in creating and providing digital solutions, underlines the Bank’s priority to provide innovative products and services through its digital channels, aiming to facilitate its customers’ daily lives, in a secure transactional environment.

More information on Eurobank’s awards here._