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We make every effort to recycle or repurpose all of our solid waste. We monitor our main waste streams and ensure they are handled in the best possible way, to reduce their environmental impact. Waste monitoring and management extends to all offices and branches, covering 100% of our activities. In 2021 we recycled 214,212.8 kg of solid waste.


We have placed paper recycling bins in all the Eurobank branches and offices throughout Greece.

  • We collect paper to be recycled in the bins.
  • We recycle the paper through licensed recycling contractors approved by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy or through the municipal recycling system.

In 2021 in partnership with the contractors, we recycled 166,724 kg of paper or 79.68% of our annual paper supplies.

Electrical and electronic equipment

We collect any electrical and electronic equipment we no longer use in central warehouses for sorting and:

In 2021 we gave away:

  • 3,203 pieces or 40,701 kg of electrical and electronic equipment for recycling.
  • 1,841 pieces of electronic equipment for donations.

Ink cartridges

In all the Eurobank offices and branches, we collect all empty ink cartridges. We deliver them to companies offering managed print services. They then forward them to companies approved by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy for recycling.

In 2021 we recycled  659 kg of empty ink cartridges.

Light bulbs

We recycle light bulbs through technical service companies. These companies collect and forward used light bulbs to licensed recycling companies.

There are light bulb collection points in the Eurobank administration buildings. Fotokiklosi SA is a company that collects and recycles light bulbs.

In 2021 we collected and handed over 391.3 kg of light bulbs to be safely disposed.


We recycle the batteries (accumulators) we use in our equipment. We hand them over to technical service companies and they in turn forward them to licensed recycling companies.

We also collect (portable) batteries in the AFIS bins located in Eurobank buildings. AFIS then collects these batteries for recycling.

In 2021 we sent for recycling:

  • 5,091 kg of accumulators from large- and medium-sized UPS systems.
  • 460 kg of portable batteries, in cooperation with AFIS.