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You gain valuable experience in a robust enterprise that supports the Greek economy and has an active role in the international market. You assume posts with substantial duties and responsibilities, within an environment that fosters modern methods of cooperation and interaction. You receive ongoing support and the opportunity to steer your career in the right direction.

Leading market position

Grasp the professional opportunities offered by one of the 4 major Greek banks. Our operations cover the entire range of financial services.

We support individuals, SMEs, investors, large corporations and business groups in Greece, in all sectors of the economy. We forge ahead with the digital transformation of our services and our work environment.

We implement a strict code of professional conduct in the entire range of our operations: extreme professionalism, strict corporate governance and putting people first.

Opportunities for professional development

We provide tools, vocational guidance and opportunities so you may develop every aspect of your professional life:

  • We help you prepare and implement your own plan through modern professional development methods, coaching and mentoring.
  • We create job openings with substantial duties that can offer a valuable learning experience. We post all new career opportunities.
  • We encourage you to develop professionally within the organisation. We pave the way for you to advance from one department to another as well as move up the ranks.

It is up to you to set targets and develop the skills necessary to achieve them.

Cooperation, creativity and innovation

We adopt flexible cooperation models to achieve fast results and increased productivity. We form agile groups that implement Working Scrum and Design Thinking methodologies.

These collaborative methods ensure that we introduce innovations in the market on time. We develop very creative products, services and applications that meet real needs effectively.

Meanwhile, we support innovation in Greece, focusing on the business sector. We discover and motivate skilled individuals through initiatives such as egg – enter•grow•go, Beyond Hackathon, Greece Innovates!, Ennovation, Viva Nest, Data Science Masters etc.

Ongoing learning

Every year 80% of our employees receive training on new procedures and technologies. We urge them to improve continuously, to gain new knowledge and to fine tune their skills. We want each employee to feel they are in charge of their development and targets.

To this end, we aim to work with prestigious corporations. We adopt international training methodologies and modern educational systems: webinars, nano-learning etc. We organise training programmes using new educational material and tools that transform the educational process into a learning experience.

Gaining experience next to successful executives

You have the opportunity to work with successful professionals who have valuable experience in executive-level posts in Greece and internationally.

We encourage cooperation among different ranks so that you may gain new knowledge and become inspired. This interaction assists us to transmit our knowledge and experience. We all become members of a successful team.

Competitive remunerations and benefits

Our remunerations and benefits are competitive compared to the rest of the market. We reward you based on merit, depending on your level of expertise and the responsibilities you undertake. We plan the benefit packages we offer you carefully, so they may meet all your needs:

For your health

We care for your health and well-being both at work and outside. We provide healthcare coverage and a mental health helpline. If necessary, you can easily see a doctor at work.

For your family

We provide healthcare coverage and check-ups for your family. We offer flexible maternity leave and added financial benefits to parents with young children.

For your plans

We are there for you in the minor and major choices you make in your life. We subsidise certain undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We offer products at special rates, e.g. mortgage loan to buy your home.

For your future expectations

We foresee your long-term needs. We offer free pension plans so that you may maintain your lifestyle. We take out endowment policies for your children, to give them the best start in life as adults.

Modern work environment

You work in areas that stand out for their modern design and advanced technology. We adopt practices to improve your experiences at work.

Our buildings are environmentally friendly. We follow strict health and safety rules.

Social activities

We recognise your contribution and want you to feel good that you are a member of the Eurobank community. We organise events and give you the chance to participate in the ones that interest you:

  • Opportunities for entertainment – cultural events, sporting events or summer camps for your children.
  • Workshops for unleashing your creativity.
  • Ceremonies for awarding the academic and sporting achievements of our employees and their children.