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We treat all the Eurobank Group employees equally, irrespective of gender, nationality, age or other traits. We forge relationships of mutual trust and respect.

Equal employment and advancement opportunities

We assess anyone applying for a job at Eurobank based on merit. We are not influenced by gender, nationality, age or other distinctions.

We recruit people based on their overall demeanour, skills and knowledge. We pay special attention to the professional behaviour they exhibit throughout all the stages of their assessment.

We treat our employees objectively and fairly, and we give them the tools to advance if and when they wish so.

Find out the Eurobank Group employee distribution per gender and age group.

Fair bonus system

We acknowledge and award talent and innovation. We reward each employee depending on their contribution and the level of responsibility they undertake, as determined by the position they hold and the market where we operate.

We provide benefits for the families of our employees. We support parents, irrespective of gender, age or marital status.

Respect and team spirit

We respect every member of the Eurobank Group and embrace diversity. We foster team spirit. We encourage the smooth induction and participation of our members. We cultivate respect, solidarity, understanding and honesty.

We condemn unequal treatment

We are very strict when it comes to any type of harassment, intimidation and extreme behaviour. Discriminations based on nationality, gender, parental status, colour, religion, health, sexual orientation, etc. are not in tune with our principles and values.

We urge our employees to report such behaviours to their superiors and the Eurobank Regulatory Compliance Sector.

Employee distribution based on gender and age group in 2017
< 25 years
25-34 years
35-44 years
 45-54 years
 > 55 years
Women Men Women Men Women Men  Women Men  Women  Men
 58.75% 41.25%
 70.40%  29.60%