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Dear colleagues,

On March 8 every year we celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s turn of events was unprecedented. Yet another crisis is unfolding. No sooner have we fully emerged from the pandemic than peace on our planet is under threat. And the fundamental values of our society are being put to the test each and every time. Among them, equality takes centre stage. In our minds, equality means an ongoing effort to eradicate discrimination on multiple levels – in politics, institutions, the workplace, education, the family and interpersonal relationships. However, fully integrating institutional equality in practice is “work-in-progress”. It requires commitment – at a collective, but also at a personal level. Progress is necessary, but cannot substitute the ultimate goal. And the goal is utter, actual and meaningful gender equality, free from compromises, exceptions or conditions. For our society, this is a recognised foundation built on values. For large organisations, this is a key social responsibility and, at the same time, a condition for success and better prospects. For Eurobank, this is the core ingredient of our identity.

We remain true to our strategic commitment to align our operations with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN. Achieving gender equality and the social and political emancipation of women is Goal 5. Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a necessary condition for peace and prosperity around the world. In this context, our Bank applies high professional standards and active policies against discrimination and exclusion, aiming at fostering an inclusive and meritocratic work environment for all. At Eurobank we will never differentiate the remuneration for a role based on gender.

Through a series of initiatives, such as establishing an expanded “ecosystem” of benefits to support all stages of family life, introducing the “Women In Banking” initiative and others, Eurobank is putting into action a powerful and multifaceted policy, which supports female employees, so they may unleash their potential, offering them equal opportunities for professional growth and development in action. Furthermore, as of today, Eurobank is the first bank to join “the Boardroom”, a professional networking space for female executives holding impactful, senior management roles. It aims at preparing and supporting women of high professional potential, so that they may be appointed to Boards of Directors in various organisations and companies. Our Bank is dedicated to ingraining, both in society and the market, the view that women can and must have a ‘seat’ at decision-making tables at a corporate, social and political level. 

Our Bank pledges to always support the unimpeded advancement of all, free from bias. 

Fokion Karavias