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We apply certified evaluation processes for all candidates. Every selection we make is made based on merit, objectivity, equal treatment of all candidates and transparency. The entire evaluation process is based on the values of Eurobank.

Objectivity and merit

We evaluate all our potential associates with predetermined objective and meritocratic criteria, as defined by certified evaluation standards. Find out more about:

If we select you for employment, we promise to start you off on the best possible remuneration and benefit package that corresponds to your qualifications, level of responsibility and duties.

Timely notification

We vet each application we receive. We inform you in a timely manner of each step in the evaluation process that follows.

1.    When we receive your application

Once you send your application, you get an automatic confirmation by email. If the information on your application meets our requirements, we contact you immediately. Otherwise we keep your CV on file at Eurobank for future reference.

2.    When we call you for an interview

We inform you of the day of your interview at least 48 hours beforehand. We listen to your responses carefully and answer any questions you may have.

3.    When we decide on the result

When we make our decision, we inform you on the results of your evaluation by phone or via email.


We want you to find your ideal position at Eurobank. We help you link your skills and interests with all available career opportunities. We give you all the information you need, advise you and guide you.


We respect your personal data. The results of your evaluation are strictly confidential.

Help us improve

We are continuously looking for new ways to improve the evaluation process for recruiting potential employees.

If you have any recommendations or comments that will help us improve, contact us at: