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During the selection process of the students that will participate in Eurobank’s internship programme, we follow the guidelines given by the corresponding higher education institutions.

Your application

We process the information on your application and your CV. Your responses in your application help us understand how you support your candidacy.

Provided you meet the specifications of the internship programme, we call you for an interview to get acquainted.

Find out how to express your interest through your application.

At our meeting

The meeting takes place in our offices. You meet with our representatives from Human Resources and the unit where you are interested in doing your internship.

We discuss your CV, your experience and your conduct during your studies. We explore your desires and skills. We examine what duties will benefit you during your internship.

During the interview, you too have the opportunity to ask us about your employment and the duties you will undertake as part of your internship. You can ask us questions about the work environment and opportunities for advancement at Eurobank.

Find out what you can expect and how to prepare for a successful interview.

The evaluation of all candidates

After our meeting, we evaluate all the information we have about you and all the candidates for the internship programmes. We decide on which students to select for the internship programmes based on merit and the needs of our divisions.

We inform you of the results of your candidacy.

Read our commitment when it comes to merit, objectivity, equal treatment and transparency in the evaluation procedure.