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We select our associates with an interview conducted by a committee of specially trained and qualified evaluators. We look at their professional profile and experience, and focus on their occupational interests and ambitions. This selection process is ISO 9001 certified.

Your application

We process the information on your application and your CV. Your responses in your application help us understand how you support your candidacy.

If you meet the requirements for the position you are interested in, we call you for an interview. Otherwise we keep your CV on file at Eurobank for future reference.

Your interview

When you arrive at your interview, a specialised representative of the Eurobank Talent Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding Department  as well as a representative from the unit you are interested in working will greet you. 

We discuss your CV and your work experience. We analyse the behaviour you have demonstrated in your professional career and beyond. 

We use psychometric evaluation tools that enable us to collect more information about your professional personality. 

During your interview, we encourage you to ask questions so that you can find out more about the position you are interested in. We respond to all your questions regarding the work environment and opportunities for advancement at Eurobank.

The evaluation of all candidates

We evaluate your candidacy objectively, based on the specifications of the position you are interested in.

We study the information at hand about you and the other candidates. We select the people we want to hire based on merit and transparency.

We inform you of the results of your candidacy.

Read our commitment when it comes to merit, objectivity, equal treatment and transparency in the evaluation process.