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ELPEDISON at Eurobank My Advantage Banking

ELPEDISON at Eurobank My Advantage Banking

Gift on your bill

for electricity and natural gas


on DriveGreen Home


on PowerGreen

You’re always a winner with ELPEDISON. Secure an exclusive gift on your electricity and/or natural gas bill and earn benefits on energy services at ELPEDISON by getting a My Advantage Banking package.

Gift on your electricity and natural gas bill

Get an exclusive gift on your electricity and/or natural gas bill, with any ELPEDISON electricity or natural gas plan you choose.

See the electricity plans and the natural gas plans at ELPEDISON.

With Eurobank My Advantage Banking, you get:

  • €40 gift on your electricity bill
  • €40 gift on your natural gas bill

The gift is calculated commutatively with the available ELPEDISON offers.

For example, if you choose one of the electricity and one of the natural gas plans, you get a €80 gift.

The gift is granted in instalments in the monthly ELPEDISON bills over the term of the contract.

Discount on DriveGreen Home by ELPEDISON

Through ELPEDISON DriveGreen Home, the comprehensive service for electric vehicle charging, which meets all the home electro-mobility needs, you secure:

  • 5% discount on the total service. 
  • Free onsite inspection, €100 and technical quote, wherever necessary.

Discount on PowerGreen by ELPEDISON

Through ELPEDISON PowerGreen and the installation of solar panels at your home, you produce the electricity you consume.

This way, you reduce or even eliminate your energy cost.

ELPEDISON PowerGreen offers:

  • 4% discount on the design, supply and installation of the photovoltaic power station. The system is installed by an ELPEDISON technician. It relates to a total capacity up to 85kVA.
  • Free onsite inspection, €100 and technical quote, wherever necessary.

How you redeem your benefits at ELPEDISON

To get the ELPEDISON benefits, call on 18128 or go to the dedicated ELPEDISON page.

You will need:

  1. The first 6 digits of your Eurobank debit card
  2. The digital code you receive:
    • On your transaction receipt if you activate a Eurobank My Advantage Banking package through e-Banking or the Eurobank Mobile App.
    • From one of our representatives if you activate the package at a Eurobank branch.
    • On the pop-up that appears on your e-Banking when you finish linking your account to one of the packages.
    • In the email we sent you to welcome you to the Eurobank My Advantage Banking world of benefits.
    • In your account benefits in your e-Banking.

Additional gains with the €pistrofi loyalty programme

Moreover, you get 1% €pistrofi by paying your monthly bill at the ELPEDISON stores or online at using your Eurobank cards that are linked to the €pistrofi loyalty programme.