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Access the Athens Exchange and major international stock exchanges through Eurobank Equities. Trade online in real time through the platform. Eurobank Equities provides reliable information and guidance. Trading must always comply with the provisions of the Greek legislation in force.

Real-time trading

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and our association with major international banks, you can carry out real-time transactions in international money markets:

  • Trade in Greek and international shares and ETFs listed in the largest stock exchanges globally.
  • Participate in numerous primary and secondary public offerings and private placements.
  • Execute futures and options in shares, indices, foreign currency, commodities, etc.

You can also trade online in real time through the platform. Eurobank Equities offers reliable information and guidance.

Reliable investment information

To determine the investment strategy that best suits you, Eurobank Equities offers you ongoing updates on the market developments that relate to your portfolio.

It provides simple and complex hedging and arbitrage strategies.

Eurobank Equities is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eurobank Group. In terms of transaction volume, Eurobank Equities was ranked 1st in the Athens Exchange for the 8th year running.

Find out all about the operations and awards of Eurobank Equities.

Access the largest stock exchanges

To get information about stock exchange trading available to you, contact your Private Banker:

  • +302109555141

If you want to enter the Eurobank Group Private Banking world, fill in the contact form and we will get back to you to discuss your investment goals and the available options:

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