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Enhance your investment strategy guided by expert analysts from the Global investment Advisory Division (GAD) of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC. The GAD reports are prepared exclusively for our Private Banking clients. The reports update you on the latest developments in the global markets. They analyse the information and propose specific strategies for your investment profile, always adhering to your contractual relationship with Eurobank. 

Investment strategy for your profile

The GAD reports offer specialised information and investment strategy tools:

Investment Committee Views

The report presents the views of the main Eurobank divisions on financial developments:

  • Short-to-medium term performance of the markets.
  • Investment environment and how it affects the investment strategy.
  • Proposed solutions for investment allocation.

> Issued every 15 days. 

GAD’s Word

Analysis that helps you identify and understand market issues so that you can add value to your investment strategies.

> Issued monthly.

Current GAD's Word editionPast editions

GAD Morning

Brief morning updates, offering a daily overview of the most important developments and market prices across several asset classes.

> Issued daily.

GAD’s Buzz

Short ad hoc edition with news such as:

  • Beginning of a trade.
  • Stop-loss or profit-taking levels in time lapses between the regular editions of GAD’s Word.
  • Important market developments that need to be analysed.

> Issued on an ad hoc basis.

Bond Lists

The report lists bonds based on a series of important criteria: 

  • Investment horizon (short, medium, long-term). 
  • Geographical exposure. 
  • Risk level (low, medium, high). 
  • Bond issuer (company, country, international organisation, semi-governmental body). 

Based on these lists, you can request bond portfolios tailored to your needs.

> Issued daily.

Recommended Portfolios

The report presents investment portfolios with their allocation recommended by the Investment Committee Views investment strategy. It only lists the asset class category and the geographical position. It covers 3 risk levels: low, medium and high.

> Issued monthly.

Asset Markets & Investment Strategy

The report analyses the current investment climate and the main developments affecting markets around the world.

> Issued monthly.

Team of expert analysts

Expert analysts from the Global investment Advisory Division (GAD) monitor the developments in the global markets. They conduct primary and secondary analysis.

They use up-to-date econometric models to optimise the risk/reward ratio. Based on this data, they plan specific investment strategies.

The specialised knowledge of the GAD team is the result of the analysts’ long experience in the academic field and in countries such as Greece, the USA and the UK.

Meet the Global investment Advisory Division team.

Get the GAD reports

Ask your Private Banker which of the proposed investment strategies in the GAD reports is suitable for your profile:

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