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Free yourself from constantly monitoring and building your portfolio with Discretionary Portfolio Management Service. The expert asset managers at Eurobank Asset Management MFMC build your portfolio based on your investment profile. They buy and sell financial instruments with transparency and regularly update you on the value of your portfolio.

Professional management tailored to your profile

We assign the Discretionary Portfolio Management Service of your portfolio to Eurobank Asset Management MFMC. Its expert asset managers design, select and adjust the structure and diversification of your portfolio based on your investment profile:

  • Investment goals
  • Investment horizon
  • Desired risk/reward ratio

Eurobank Asset Management MFMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurobank Group. It is the top company in asset management in Greece with expertise in institutional portfolio management. This ranking is based on the total assets of the UCITS and institutional portfolios it manages, according to figures from the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association as of 31 December 2019.

Geographical investment orientation

You can invest in international markets through any combination of cash and traded securities, always in compliance with the provisions of the Greek legislation in force.

Global ($): International portfolios investing in international markets. The active management of your portfolio is performed with the selection of UCITS by third-party investment companies and ETFs.

Transparency and direct access

With Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, the management of your portfolio is fully transparent. You are updated on the structure, return and executed trades of your portfolio. You may contact the asset managers at Eurobank Asset Management MFMC at any time.

We update you on the progress of your investments and on any changes in your portfolio on a monthly, quarterly or ad hoc basis.

To liquidate your investments, you may simply give an order to your Private Banker.

The Bank does not guarantee the result of your portfolio management.

Discover Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

To assign us the Discretionary Portfolio Management Service of your portfolio, contact your Private Banker:

  • +302109555141

If you want to enter the Eurobank Group Private Banking world, fill in the contact form and we will get back to you to discuss your investment goals and the available options:

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