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We stand by young students, helping them achieve their next major goal. In partnership with CollegeLink, we have developed, a platform offering young people the tools they need to educate themselves, interconnect and find future opportunities in the job market.

What offers

Through the platform, students have access to services that help them:

  • Stay on top of academic news, job openings and market trends.
  • Develop and practice soft skills.
  • Receive education and get certified by prominent, well-known companies.
  • Get personalised guidance from experts.
  • Find internship opportunities at Eurobank and other companies.

In addition, members of will have access to the Discord channel, a community where they will be able to interact in real time, and stay up-to-date through online or in-person meetings and other activities. 

Who the platform is addressed to is addressed to graduates of all universities and students awarded through the Moving Education Forward initiative in 2019-2023.

If you are a graduate of a university, you can apply to sign up from 19 February to 17 March 2024 or during any other registration period that will be announced by Eurobank and CollegeLink.

If you were awarded through the Moving Education Forward initiative in 2019-2023, you can sign up with the personal code you will receive in your email. 

Our partnership with CollegeLink

We run along with our partners at CollegeLink.

CollegeLink is the No. 1 platform for interconnecting candidates with companies in Greece, provided they have expertise in the fields of finance and technology, and zero to moderate experience.

It understands the needs of young people, invests in them, and connects them to companies and job openings. It offers career guidance, career counselling, as well as soft and hard skill development.