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The Eurobank Energy Management System is certified to ISO 50001 and ISO 14064. We apply a management method that significantly reduces the energy we use and consequently the harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For our consistent efforts towards saving energy we have received major awards.

International certification according to ISO 50001 and ISO 14064

Our Energy Management System is certified to ISO 50001 since 2015. The international certification extends to all our activities, as well as our branches and offices.

In 2021 we achieved:

  • 5.53% reduction in total energy consumption.
  • 4.72% reduction in the energy intensity per area.
  • 4.13% reduction in the energy intensity index.
  • 3.86% reduction in the carbon intensity indicator.
  • 5.35% reduction in total GHG emissions, while also certifying the reduction according to ISO 14064-1 through an independent certification agency.

At the same time, 97.42% (40,327 MWh) of the electricity consumed by Eurobank in 2021 was generated by renewable energy sources (RES), with a guarantee of origin certificate. In other words, we have improved our performance by 1.86% compared to 2020.

You can find these results in our Environmental Report and Annual Business and Sustainability Report.

Management method

To keep increasing the energy efficiency of Eurobank, we employ a very specific methodology, as we:

  1. Monitor the energy we use. We record and analyse these data.
  2. Identify our significant energy uses (SEU).
  3. Define and prioritise opportunities for improving our energy performance.
  4. Estimate the future energy uses and energy consumptions.
  5. Implement technical interventions and apply management solutions.

To improve our energy performance we use the Pay as You Save model, in partnership with an Energy Service Company (ESCO), as part of the Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract.

Technical interventions for energy savings

We plan and implement interventions contributing to the energy upgrade of our buildings and to enhanced energy savings by:

  • Expanding our planning for central heating control in more buildings.
  • Refurbishing our branches and equipment, including computers, lighting and HVAC systems.
  • Commissioning studies to install rooftop PV systems on our buildings.
  • Installing energy meters in all our buildings and branches.

We have already certified 18 green buildings according to the standards of internationally recognised organisations:

  • 10 buildings are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold and Platinum certified.
  • 8 buildings are BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certified, with good, very good and excellent ratings.

This just further demonstrates in practice the exceptional work environment at Eurobank.

In 2022 we obtained LEED certification for our building complex in Nea Ionia. In fact, the building which houses our Data Centre is LEED GOLD certified.

Awards for our Energy Management System

Major organisations have been consistently acknowledging the efficiency of the Energy Management System we apply. In recent years we have received:

  • Gold Award Green buildings / Built environment, Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2022, for renovating the PIRAEUS PORT PLAZA 3 complex in Piraeus.
  • Silver Award – Energy Conservation, Environmental Awards 2022, for reducing the energy consumed by Eurobank.
  • Bravo Environment Award, Bravo Sustainability Awards 2017, for reducing the Eurobank greenhouse gas emissions.