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Through the Growth Awards we support the business excellence of Greek companies. We promote their contemporary stories, which shape the new entrepreneurial and work culture landscape in Greece. We carry out this Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in partnership with Grant Thornton, using modern evaluation models and tools.

We support business excellence in Greece

The Growth Awards are the first growth and competitiveness awards in Greece. We award them to businesses that stand apart from the competition because they combine:

  • High financial performance.
  • Unique corporate history.
  • Domestic presence with outward-looking potential.
  • Business ethics and work culture.

To select the winners, we study more than 8,000 businesses in Greece. In the first phase, we use special financial reviews, indicators and modern tools to evaluate their position and performance.

Around 150-200 businesses are short-listed to the final phase, according to the Grant Thornton Financial Growth / Health Matrix and the Eurobank credit rating tools.

The panel of judges that evaluates the candidacies consists of 17 distinguished individuals from the business and academic arena.

The winners gain brand recognition. They get media exposure through the networks of Eurobank, Grant Thornton and other organisations. They are recognised as leaders in their field.

This Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is carried out in partnership with Grant Thornton.

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What we have accomplished so far

The 1st cycle of the Growth Awards was completed in December 2016. At the award ceremony, we gave away 6 Growth Awards to the Greek businesses with the highest performances in:

  • Operating/Business improvement
  • Product development
  • Market development
  • Human resources and work culture
  • Investments
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

We also gave away a Business Excellence Award to a leading Greek company for its performance overall and its significant contribution to the growth of the Greek economy.

Representatives from Eurobank, Grant Thornton and the Greek state attended the award ceremony.

We build on our values

Through the Growth Awards we recognise that businesses contribute to shaping the modern entrepreneurial landscape in Greece:

  • “Growth cannot arrive on its own, but through the decisive contribution of the private sector and the more robust, outward-looking and innovative Greek businesses.”
  • “We reward Greek entrepreneurship when it stands on its own two feet. It is this Greece that will help the country exit the crisis, enter a steady growth track and enjoy a fair social policy of opportunities and protection.”
  • “By showcasing entrepreneurship, we support Greece at a time of great challenges and demands. We help the country regain its economic and social prosperity.”

We carry on strong

We continue to seek, recognise and promote the companies that make up their own stories in the new Greek entrepreneurial reality.

We want to reward Greek businesses that set business ethics and work culture examples in these tough times.

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