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Through egg – enter•grow•go we help young people across the globe take their first business steps. We have designed this Eurobank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in partnership with Corallia. We are assisted by leading companies and organisations from the Greek and international business community.

We support youth entrepreneurship

For 12 months we give young people aged 18-49 the opportunity to put their business idea into practice through egg – enter•grow•go. Participants must be Greek, EU or third-country citizens who have the right to live in Greece and are eligible to participate in the Programme. The selected teams:

  1. Develop their business plan (incubation).
  2. Accelerate their growth.
  3. Find strategic partners for their project (co-working).

We offer them essential and regular support in their business venture. We provide a business environment that favours the development of their business plans:

  • Access to financing so they may secure the necessary capital. Our business advisors help the teams choose a suitable programme to finance their business idea. We offer two major types of loans to the egg – enter•grow•go startups: working capital loans, which are short-term and help improve liquidity, and long-term loans, such as loans for property or equipment financing.
  • Facilities of the highest standards to house their business needs. The areas are fully equipped and have been set up accordingly to assist in exchanging ideas, networking and cooperating.
  • Mentoring by distinguished economists and scientists to help them develop their ideas. The mentors provide guidance, offer solutions and inspire the business teams. They help them transform their business plans into an integrated and marketable product or service.
  • One-stop-shop support services for the daily operation of their businesses. The business teams gain basic knowledge of accounting, business administration, human resource management, etc.
  • Hands-on business training so they may develop their business skills. Through hands-on training, lectures, workshops and participation in educational programmes, we educate young entrepreneurs on special business topics, such as corporate communications, public relations, strategic marketing and intellectual property management.
  • B2B and B2C networking opportunities to boost the financial viability of their business. The teams come into contact with new or seasoned entrepreneurs from the Greek and international business arena, but also potential customers or strategic partners (B2B match-making).

The egg – enter•grow•go CSR initiative is carried out in cooperation with executives from Corallia, the first organisation in Greece for the structured and systematic development of clusters.

The Advisory Board that supervises egg – enter•grow•go consists of distinguished scientists, entrepreneurs and business experts.

What we have accomplished so far

The egg – enter•grow•go initiative began in May 2013. To date, we have helped young entrepreneurs from Greece and abroad:

  • 355 young entrepreneurs have created 132 business teams.
  • 86 teams have become businesses employing 211 people in total.
  • 22 businesses have received financing from Eurobank with favourable terms.
  • 17 companies have taken out patents for their business ideas.

Leading Greek and international companies and organisations either sponsor or support egg – enter•grow•go. They offer crucial services and facilities to business teams free of charge.

We work extensively with them to create integrated, productive and innovative ecosystems. We choose the ones that offer a competitive advantage, giving priority to FinTech (financial technology) and new technologies.

We build on our values

Through the egg – enter•grow•go initiative we help young people put their business plans into action. We believe that:

  • “When we support talented young people, we help them change the image of Greece for all of us.”
  • “We trust the innovation generation and we support their efforts and ideas. They are the best guarantee for the future of the country.”
  • “Anything creative and innovative that Greece has to show today contributes to our national effort to restore the economy.”

Youth entrepreneurship forms the core of the Eurobank CSR initiatives. We stand by the young people of Greece, who keep surprising us with their innovative business ideas. We boost innovative youth entrepreneurship in Greece.

We carry on strong

egg – enter•grow•go is continuing with its 6th cycle for young teams who wish to put their business ideas into practice:

We host them all in the ultra-modern egg – enter•grow•go building, located at 190 Syngrou Avenue in Athens, Greece.

If you have an innovative business idea from any sector of the economy and want to bring it to life, find out all about egg – enter•grow•go and fill in your application form.