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We are interested in students who have achieved high grades in their studies. We choose people who have a strong penchant for creativity. When we look at them, we recognise the future professionals of Eurobank.

What we are looking for

The Eurobank internship programme caters for:

  • Greek university students, both undergraduates and postgraduates.
  • Students who have signed up to

What we look for in you

We look for students who have achieved high grades in their studies. However, we are also interested in students with creative abilities, who are interested in innovation.

We mainly seek individuals who want to gain new knowledge. We want you to be able to use the tools we offer you so that you can advance further.

In addition, what matters very much to us is your professional conduct. We want you to embrace and promote the values of Eurobank.

Find out how we select students for internship.

What we offer

With us, you have the opportunity to work in a real and creative work environment. You apply your scientific knowledge and discover what interests you the most professionally.

You are tested in various roles. You acquire new skills. You get acquainted with tools and methods that will boost your future career.

You learn how to work together professionally with your colleagues. You see how we work together as a team, respecting the individuality of others.

Your future progress

Internship programmes let us get to know you better from up close and see how you meet the requirements of the position. We recognise your talent and contribution.

We encourage you to develop through your work. We support you in the next stages of your career.

When you have completed your studies, it is possible to find available positions in the field you are interested in.

Find out how to submit your application.