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We have upgraded our e-Banking to open up access to its options for everyone. Use your screen reader, keyboard or other assistive technologies to navigate. Browse content you can understand effortlessly. Complete tasks without running into barriers or having to rely on someone else.
An equitable digital banking experience

An equitable digital banking experience

We have had our systems audited and remediated to make sure you can sign up to e-Banking.

Log in this secure space to carry out your transactions, for example to pay or transfer funds, without barriers. Monitor your spending, tax deductions and cashback rewards from the €pistrofi loyalty programme.

Open accounts and get products and services online. Alternatively, go online to get cards, loans or insurance you applied for over the phone or at a branch.

Buy or sell shares, bonds and mutual funds, and manage your investment portfolio. Use open banking to carry out transactions from accounts you keep with other banks.

An equitable digital banking experience
Simpler and safer everyday

Simpler and safer everyday

Banking online makes everyday life simpler, enabling you to rely on yourself feeling safe.

Keep round-the-clock track of your accounts, cards, loans and other products. Set up alerts to keep you on track.

Set limits to your transactions and cards. Control which types of transaction you want to allow with each card.

Update your details without coming to a branch. Download documents you might need for tax or other purposes.

Sign off business transactions. Download e-Invoices that Eurobank has issued for your business.

Simpler and safer everyday

A systematic effort towards inclusivity

Our aim is for e-Banking to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2, level ΑA. We want to empower you to customise it to your requirements, for example to enlarge text, change colours or use technologies that help you navigate.

To this end we carry out accessibility audits with our specialised partners. When we identify barriers, we go on to remediate them and learn from the process.

We also do research and tests with users with disabilities. We want to include all groups of people, with or without disabilities, in everything we design.