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New Personal Banking Debit MastercardEco Plastic

The new biodegradable Personal Banking Debit Visa Card belongs to the new generation of Eurobank cards, with modern vertical design. Enjoy exclusive privileges with your card. It has a higher cashback rate, which may reach up to 15% at selected retailers who have joined the €pistrofi Premium loyalty programme.

The new generation of Eurobank cards

The new generation of Eurobank debit cards has a modern vertical design. They are biodegradable, for the first time in Greece.

Protecting the environment

For the first time in Greece, Eurobank is issuing biodegradable cards. One of these is the Personal Banking Debit Visa Card.

They are made of polylactic acid (PLA), a petroleum-free, non-toxic plastic substitute. Less energy is consumed and significantly less greenhouse gases are emitted to produce this material.

When they expire, the new biodegradable Eurobank cards can be recycled or composted.

The new material we use is just as durable as the material in the previous plastic cards.

We are putting into action our commitment to protect the environment and promote sustainability.

Innovative vertical design

The new generation Eurobank debit cards have a modern vertical design. All the details are on the back of the card.

This is the latest trend in card design worldwide. We applied these to give you a modern card, both in terms of functionality and look.

Coloured edge

We have made the edge of all our new debit cards red.

This makes it easier to find in your wallet.

Freedom in your day-to-day life

Use your Personal Banking Debit Visa Card around the world, spending up to €4,000 a day on shopping. You may adjust your limit over the phone through EuroPhone Personal Banking at +302109555111 or at ones of our branches.

Carry out your transactions online or at any of the 32 million Visa merchants worldwide. Your account is charged on the spot. You are not charged with interest.

At our ATMs, you can pay your bills and loan instalments, and withdraw or deposit cash. You may also check out your account balance and view the last 10 transactions.

Unique privileges

You get access to lifestyle privileges for you and your family to make your life better and easier.

By using your Personal Banking Debit Visa Card, you enjoy privileges for your trips, well-being, real estate and shopping.

€pistrofi Premium loyalty programme

With your Personal Banking Debit Visa Card, you earn higher cashback rewards and more privileges at selected partner retailers who have joined the €pistrofi loyalty programme.

What’s more, you may earn and redeem your euros at more than 8,500 partner retailers who have joined the €pistrofi loyalty programme.

Use the €pistrofi app to easily keep track of how much you have earned. The map helps you locate partner retailers where you may redeem your euros.

Build up your tax deductions

Many of the transactions you carry out using your Personal Banking Debit Visa Card count towards your tax deductions.

The expense calculator automatically adds up all the transactions and expenses that build up your tax deductions: e.g. online payments, and online or in-store shopping.

Log in to your Eurobank Mobile App or your e-Banking to view your expenses up to that point:

  • Eurobank Mobile App > Tax-free
  • e-Banking > Tax deduction calculator > SEE all

Secure transactions

Use our contactless technology to shop faster, without the card ever leaving your hands. You don’t need to enter your PIN for amounts up to €50.

Chip & PIN technology secures your in-store transactions with your debit card. Any transaction over €50 is only approved when you enter your card PIN.

Use Cards Control free of charge to manage your cards easily and securely from your mobile or computer. Use the Eurobank Mobile App or your e-Banking to temporarily freeze your card, change the daily cash withdrawal limit, choose whether you want to shop online, etc.

Exclusive customer service line

Use your debit card number and your EuroPhone Banking PIN to make payments and cash transfers over the phone.

Call the dedicated EuroPhone Personal Banking customer service line:

  • +302109555111 (mobile and landline calls)

Our representatives are available 24/7.

Round-the-clock updates

Get updates on your Personal Banking Debit Visa Card activity and track the balance of your linked account:

  • From your mobile through the Eurobank Mobile App.
  • From your desktop or tablet through e-Banking.
  • Over the phone through EuroPhone Personal Banking.
  • At our ATMs.

Get a debit card

To get a Personal Banking Debit Mastercard, make an appointment with your Personal Banker at the branch of your choice.

MAKE an appointment

No need to wait in line. On the day and time of your appointment, we will call your name at the branch entrance according to the time of your appointment. This way you’ll enter the branch right away to get your debit card.

Your debit card is issued on the spot.