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The Account Consolidation Service allows you to monitor your entire investment portfolio at Eurobank and other companies in Greece and abroad. Experts from the Global investment Advisory Division of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC monitor, analyse and inform you on the overall progress of your investment portfolio, regardless of the country or company where you keep it.

All your investment positions

The Account Consolidation Service gives you a complete overview of your investment positions globally, regardless of your custodian.

Within a user-friendly environment, we consolidate all the investments you keep at Eurobank and other companies around the world. We sort them by asset class.

We record the returns of your investments during specific time periods and we identify any deviations from the benchmarks. We also monitor the main market risk characteristics.

Investment consulting

By consolidating your investment positions across the world, it becomes easier to:

  • Understand the level of risk you undertake.
  • Identify the most suitable investment strategy.
  • Define and adjust your investment goals.

With help from the Global investment Advisory Division of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC, we can update you on all your investment positions, regardless of the custodian. The Premium Advisory experts analyse your consolidated investment portfolio and inform you on the investment choices that match your profile.

Get a complete overview of your portfolio

To get a complete overview of your investment portfolio around the world, talk to your Private Banker about the Account Consolidation Service:

  • +302109555141
  • 801 111 1141 (local landline calls only)

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