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Diversify your portfolio with investments in real estate and art. Expand your investment strategy with our exclusive Eurobank Private Banking services and our recognised partners in Greece and abroad.

Real estate intermediation

We help you buy, sell or rent property in Greece and abroad: London, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade, Kiev and other selected cities. Your dedicated Private Banker identifies the property fulfilling your investment goals and matching the risk level you can undertake.

Real estate insurance

We protect your property against a wide range of insurance risks: theft, earthquake, natural disasters, fire, civil liability, etc. To ensure the most suitable insurance coverage for your property, contact your Private Banker.

Art investment services

Our internationally recognised partners and art specialists offer you advice on how to collect and manage your art. They assess the conditions in the art market and propose alternatives that will get you the expected returns. Along with your Private Banker, they develop your strategy based on your investment horizon and the risk level you can undertake.

Expand your investment strategy

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